Can't find info for commands #1755

  • karl69942 created this issue May 22, 2019

    Hi I'm really sorry to be abusing the bug system like this but I can't find a list of commands for this add-on anywhere, I'm just trying to find commands to disable and re-enable xperl party frame upon changing specs. I play WOTLK 3.3.5a, I'd kill for someone to just tell me the commands I need to know. I can't find info for this addon anywhere! Sorry!

  • sharmen75 posted a comment May 22, 2019

    ur just so bad bro do u call this a problem just look at my problem 

    let me tell u somthing now before u read this u find a notification so u think i tell u how to fix it but no its not :D

    also why the fuck are u saying sorry

    Edited May 22, 2019
  • karl69942 posted a comment May 26, 2019

     get lost troll, you obviously don't have an answer. Go get a life.

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