Due to an issue with the change to how the GetItemInfo() API works in patch 4.0.1 due to the streaming client technology, WoWEquip will now hang your system for upwards of a minute when trying to select an equipment to slot (after which it will work). This problem cannot be fixed until Blizzard fixes how the GetItemInfo() API works.

In any case, no part of WoWEquip has been updated to be compatible with Cataclysm yet (the itemlink formats are also different)

WoWEquip will only work on patch 3.3.5 or earlier!

Try on different gear and see their total stats and their differences. In short, an ingame CT-Profiles-like addon.

Users of WoWEquip are encouraged to use the addon RatingBuster written by [email protected]


  • There are no "validity checks" coded in to ensure that impossible combinations of gear/gems/enchants do not occur. The user is expected to perform such checks himself.
  • ONLY the statistics and bonuses gained from the gear is calculated. Base character stats such as Agi, Str, Sta and base values of stats such as parry, dodge and block are not included. This is to allow comparison from a pure equipment-gain-only point of view.
  • Only items that exist in your WoW's local cache can be imported from the WoW Armory and Rawr.
  • The latest alpha zip can be found at

Known Issues

  • Dodge calculation isn't correct for any level/class but the player's (StatLogic).
  • Counterweights can be placed on anything rather than just 2h swords, maces, axes and polearms (WoWEquip).

WoWEquip does not work in my language!

For WoWEquip to work in your language, certain translations to detect items of what type they are must be included. For the most part, many of these languages already have translations. However, Sigils were introduced with WotLK, and still need to be updated for many languages.

Check if the LGII translation namespace needs to be updated for your language: (Translations for 6th and 7th return values (itemType, itemSubType) from GetItemInfo())

Additionally, if the stat calculations of gear is incorrect or missing a few numbers, it is because LibItemBonus-2.0 needs localization updates as well to support your language. Please report issues of gear stats not being correctly detected at


You can help to translate WoWEquip into your language here:


Changes from v1.2 to v1.3

  • Fixes:
    • Fix errors when trying to link items in chat that due to patch 3.3.5. The fix is backwards compatible.
    • Add workaround for menuitems appearing disabled because Blizzard added "self:SetFrameLevel(2);" into their OnLoad template code in the default UI which causes the menu buttons to be BELOW the menu itself.
  • Updates:
    • Added 'Enchant Gloves - Angler'
    • Updated 'Enchant Gloves - Fishing' to +5 fishing (existing locales are updated)
    • You can now link items and enchants into the AH search editbox from anywhere in WoWEquip you can link an item or enchant (including the menus).
    • Gem slots are now linkable in chat and AH search editbox.
    • Added 'Rune of the Nerubian Carapace'

Changes from Beta 1.1 to v1.2

No more beta! :)

  • Fixes:
    • Updated LibItemBonus-2.0 (fixes weapon chain bonus)
    • Nil error when importing a guildless person
  • Updates:
    • All gems/enchants for 3.2 (Epic)
    • Max scanned itemId to 55000
    • Enchants for 3.3
    • TOC Bump to 3.3

Changes from Beta 1.0 to Beta 1.1

  • Fixes:
    • Armor penetration rating and socket bonuses are now detected correctly.
    • Ranged ap/crit/hit/haste calculations.
    • Error "invalid capture index" occurs in German client when scanning the set name of set items.
    • Made the level editbox wider to show both digits.
    • WoWEquip should no longer error in non-English locales.
    • Fixed issues with Examiner support.
  • Updates:
    • Can now import cached character data from Examiner.
    • Improved filters for weapons in the Equipment search frame. Weapon types equippable with the Titan's Grip Warrior talent are also added.
  • New:
    • You can now query the server for an itemID in the Equipment search frame.
    • Import feature allows you to import data of a character from the WoW Armory or Rawr.
      • To import from WoW Armory, view the XML/XSLT source code of the character equipment page (View Source) and copy its entirety into WoWEquip. Only works in Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 2 because other browser useragents causes the WoW Armory to return HTML/JS source code instead.
      • To import from Rawr, open a saved character XML file in a text editor and copy its contents into WoWEquip.
      • As with all equipment, only items that exist in your WoW's local cache can be imported.


  • When the Dressing Room gets dragged offscreen, the model gets "flattened" (lol).

Bug Reporting/Suggestions


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