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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 2.0.1


2.3.0 - Adding callback/context parameters to WhoLib_GetUserInfo and WhoLib_Query. - Changing WhoLib_Query data results table value "Guild" to "GuildName" to be consistent. - Hooking HandleChatType instead of OnEnterPressed to fix user-initiated who requests - Adding better user-initiated who request response (using cache for 5 seconds)

2.2.1 - Hooking chat editbox using secure hook

2.2.0 - Changed WhoLib_Query to return a list of results instead of a map so results are alphabetical and easily sorted in a list - Updated WhoLib_Query description to reflect changed - Fixed bug where custom who queries through the UI would not update if the query was identical to the pending background query

2.1.1 - Turned off debuging flag

2.1.0 - Fixed bug in WhoLib_Query that was making multiple queries not work. - Fixed problem with WhoLib_Query where a query that consistently returns no results never completes - Fixed bug where results that return a single item sometimes output to the chat frame - Fixed bug where escape didn't work after calling WhoLib_Query. - Adding a retry count to who requests. - Intercepting command line /who requests and using the WhoLib instead of the default implementation - Updated WhoLib_GetUser description to better describe the usage of maxTimeout parameter - Using all lower strings for cache comparisons

2.0.0 - Adding new export WhoLib_Query(filter) for making complex queries

1.1.0 - Calling queue Update method when previous who request completes instead of using the timer only. This should speed up requests. Also calling the queueupdate as soon as a request is queued. - Fixed 'guildName' return parameter (it wasn't working) - Added hooks for user-initiated who requests to better detect when the user is using the who system

1.0.0 - Initial implementation