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  • Juggerone created this issue Apr 26, 2017



    I've been experimenting a bit with this nice new feature. I have a group that tracks important CDs in this format: ready - uptime - cooldown, basically I looked forward to merge the 3 auras in a single one, so I did something like this:


    Trigger 1 (ready status): Status > Cooldown Progress (Spell) > Not on Cooldown

    Trigger 2 (tracking uptime): Aura > Aura Name > Player > Buff

    Trigger 3 (tracking cd): Status > Cooldown Progress (Spell) > On Cooldown

    Trigger 4 (tracking cd): Aura > Aura Name > Player > Buff > Inverse (to not overlap cd with uptime)


    Required for Activation > Custom Code: Trigger[1] or Trigger[2] or (Trigger[3] and Trigger[4]);


    Now I wanted to show letter "R" on center of icon when it's ready, so I enabled 2nd text field in Display and added a letter there, since in conditions I couldn't find anything like that, just text size/color. The problem is that in order to make it work as I wanted I had to put opacity 0 to not overlap with uptime/cooldown timer and make a property in conditions to change the color on this 2nd text and opacity to 100 only when Trigger 1 is active.


    Here's the WA: https://wago.io/N1ngKe50G


    My suggestion, if possible, would be to:

    1. Expand the properties in conditions and add a new one "Text Field" or something like this where we can add custom text on top of our auras on certain triggers.

    2. Allow multiple trigger checks in one condition e.g:

    If Trigger 1 and Trigger 5 = True, then do <properties>.


    Thank you for your time and I hope this didn't sound too picky.

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  • InfusOnWow posted a comment Apr 30, 2017

    So first of all, you don't need 4 triggers for that, you just need two:

    1. Trigger: Buff

    2. Trigger: Cooldown Progress (Spell) with ShowOn("Always")

    Required for Activation: "Any"


    And checks for Conditions are on the very long todo list, but for this case you don't really need that, since conditions are evaluated from top to bottom.


    1. If Trigger 2 on CD

     => e.g. Desaturate Enable

    2. If Trigger 2 ready

    => e.g. TextColor green

    3. If Trigger 1 active

     => Desaturate Disable and what else.


    Changing the text is something a few others have suggested, it's not trivial though.


    Edited Apr 30, 2017
  • InfusOnWow posted a comment May 1, 2017

    So I looked into changing the text dynamically, and I think there are too many problems with that. If I understood you correctly, adding a separate "enable" or "visible" property for each text would be good enough. As you could then show/hide the "R" text as needed.


    The reasons why I don't want to add a text change is that various bits in the options interface hide/show depending on the text.


    E.g. we show a text field for the custom code only if there text contains a "%c". If conditions could change the text, we would need to show the text if any of the conditions change the text to "%c". There are similar additional controls on having %p or %t.


    And internally, depending on whether the text is plain, contains a text replacemnet or a custom text, we set up the aura in 3 different ways, meaning switching between them is not done quite as easily as it might seem.

    Edited May 1, 2017
  • Juggerone posted a comment May 1, 2017

    Thank you for the replies. The tip with 2 triggers helped, I don't know why I had it structured in my mind in that way: "not on cd/uptime/cd" and make specific triggers for each. As for the text suggestion it makes sense now, would be too much work for something little, just adding a separate property "enable", "visible (etc.) would be good enough indeed.

    Edited May 1, 2017
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