Display: Multiple Text Fields #934

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  • Managed created this issue Apr 21, 2017

    A new option that allows you to state how many Texts you want the WA to have.


    Example: I want 3 texts on this WA, to show stacks, progress, & name. I could create a new text just like the UI is setup for adding multiple triggers. Each text would have its own fields seen in Picture2.


    This would allow for customizing the location / color / size of each text specifically.

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  • AmiYuy posted a comment Apr 23, 2017

    Yes please!  With the new Conditions feature letting me do compound auras, I'm finding that I need a third text for some of mine (Stacks, Progress, and Plain Text).


    • When I have The Mantle of Commnad equipped I want to show 1. Text (Stacks), but when it is not equipped I hide 1. Text.
    • 2. Text is Progress.
    • I want a 3. Text for custom text that I use on all of my auras when they're ready for use.

    Edited Apr 23, 2017
  • tinyrivers posted a comment Jan 20, 2019

    See https://github.com/WeakAuras/WeakAuras2/pull/913 for some work on implementing this request.

  • Managed edited description Mar 5, 2019

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