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Benjamin Staneck <staneck@gmail.com>
2016-10-06 21:43:57 +0200


    - Change how we assign frame levels to regions
    - Always start at frame level 1
    - Increase frame levels by 4 per region, so that each region
      can use a few frame levels for its childrens
    - In Aurabar make the child frame levels depend on the parent
      frame level
    In my tests with a group, all combinations of region types are
    now work
    Ticket-Nr: 743
    - Fix dynamic groups not attached to their regions
    In commit 2ba0799 I introduced some optimization to make editing huge
    dynamic groups faster, since apparently SetPoint() is a far more
    expansive operation in Legion than before.
    That optimization was incorrect, and broke if a aura was e.g. moved
    out of a dynamic group and into it again.
    Fix that optimization by checking against what GetPoint() returns
    Ticket-Nr: 680
Benjamin Staneck:
    - also fallback to instance chat when using the smart announce function and in a lfd group
    - Rune of Power: Fix load condition
    - Small change to circular progress flickering
    While I couldn't reproduce the bug report, and scockah can no longer
    either, since it is apparently related to low frame rates, this
    change should have helped. Instead of using a very fast animation,
    it manually sets the progress to 1.
    Ticket-Nr: 632
    - Animations: Don't createa a onFinihsed method for loops
    As each onFinished function would catpure it's predecessorts, this
    would end up keeping a stack of onFinished functions alive and thus
    would slow down the garbarge collector.
    Instead, don't create any garbarge.
    Ticket-Nr: 724
    - Templastes: Small tweak
    - Fix trigger texts not updating
    Ticket-Nr: 735