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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 6.2.3


    - Implement show code for importing
    Ticket-number: 459
    - Fix checking for custom code
    Ticket-number: 459
    - Improve custom lua code checking
    By checking more places for custom code, and improving how visible it is.
Hendrik Leppkes:
    - Block getglobal from breaking out of the environment
    - Hide() regions after creation
    Fixes a regression for
    Ticket: 156
    - Rewrite visibility checking
    In Expand() and Collapse() set a flag region.toShow which indicates
    whether the region should be visible. Subsequent calls to Expand() or
    Collapse() that don't change toShow just return without performing any
    actions. (That fixes 402). While at that remove toHide as it is the
    inverse of toShow. Also introduce a region.animatingHide indicating
    that a aura is in its hide animation.
    In the dynamic group simply check for region.toShow || region.animateHide
    Since that removes the isVisible() check, this fixes Ticket 453.
    Also since auras that animate it's hiding are still positioned as
    visible auras, this fixes 156.
    Somewhere in this rewrite 454 is fixed too.
    - Fix DBM trigger with a non empty id and use_id false
    Namely the icon and progress functions
    Ticket: 458

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