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    Jan 19, 2016
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 6.2.3


    - Add some more trade functions to the blocked list
    Might be the fix for
    Ticket: 459
    Or it might be a different isssue.
    - Text: Fix text sizes over 35 for initial aura
    I have no idea why moving SetTextHeight fixes that ticket,
    but it does.
    Ticket-number: 456
    - DBM Timer: Fix spellId condition
    Ticket-Nr: 457
    - Fix encounter id check
    We need to start the search on the next character
Benjamin Staneck:
    - fix a typo
    - WeakAuras: Fix bars not being hidden after cinematic
    Ticket-Nr: 230
    - BigWigs Timer Trigger: Replace matching existing timers
    On getting a StartBar message, search for a bar that has the
    same addon, spellId and text and replace that.
    It seems that's what should happen on a second StartBar message,
    though I'm a bit unsure on whether that's correct.
    Ticket-Nr: 449
    - BigWigs Timer: Fix addon being intially nil
    Ticket-Nr: 446
    - Support multiple values in the encounter load condition
    Ticket-number: 447
    - Fix models not working in dynamic groups
    Ticket-Nr: 444
    - Add Potrait Zoom option to region type "Model"
    - Fix realm being unknown on log on.
    - Dialog as a Sound Channel
    Not sure if this has been left out for a good reason or not?, but I updated Types.lua to include the "Dialog" sound channel as a selection during WeakAura creation.

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