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    Nov 11, 2015
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  • 6.2.3
  • 6.2.2


Benjamin Staneck <staneck@gmail.com>
2015-11-12 02:21:34 +0100


Benjamin Staneck:
    - make Unit Characteristics trigger work again
    - fix order so the faction load option actually works
    - Hack for neutral pandas
    - Add Faction load condition
    - Eclipse Power: Remove "unit" option
    As no other power type trigger has a option for that.
    - Fix various power triggers to use 'player' instead of trigger.unit
    We can't check the ressources of other players anyway and the user
    can't actually change trigger.unit without changing to a diferent
    trigger type.
    Ticket-number: 435
    - Combo Points: Check UnitHasVehicleUI() in addition to UnitInVehicle()
    And presume only show vehicle combo points if both are true.
    Ticket-number: 420
Benjamin Staneck:
    - trigger alpha build
    - Fix to aura_env change
    - Ship our own version of a font for the advanced options editor, a slighly bolder one than we used before when the user had Prat installed
    - EnsureClone: Only mark regions as justCreated, if they were created
    Ticket-number: 428

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