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    Sep 25, 2015
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 6.2.2


    - Keep a stack of the aura_env tables, so that they can be restored after using WeakAuras.ScanEvents().
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Internal => WeakAuras
    - BuffTrigger: Fix Unknown affected players
    Sometimes GetUnitName returns UNKNOWN for some players in the raid/group,
    in those case just recheck the rost in 0.5s. And adjust the rest of the
    code, so that we always update the name, even if we alread know the guid.
    Ticket-number: 417
Benjamin Staneck:
    - re-enable frameLevel iterator in group and dynamicgroup, without resetting frameLevel to 0 before iterating for now, we'll see if we need it.
    - Fix typos in comments
    - touchup FAIAP lib
    - cleanup and start the frameLevel iteration in FixGroupChildrenOrder() at 1 instead of 2, also disable the frameLevel iterators in dynamicgroup and group region types

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