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Supported WoW Versions

  • 6.1.0


    - ConstructFunction: Simplify interface
    - Remove unused parameters subPrefix and subEvent
      The function doesn't use those parameters, so remove them from all
      callers. Also removes some special handling for the combat log trigger.
    - Pass in the trigger table directly
      Instead of data, triggernum and the field.
    - Text: Check that the font was set before SetText
    Ticket-number: 305
Benjamin Staneck:
    - avoid two division by zero errors on the PTR
    - revert font change, will now use your custom font again
    - Pet Behavior trigger: Fix to changes in WoD
    Don't stop at a empty button and active is a bool now.
    - Auracache: Key it on the aura id and not on the auraname
    Otherwise the count condition of two auras that check for
    the same auraname gets confussed.
    Ticket-Number: 281
    - Progress Bar: Add zoom option
    Because the icon has it and it's easy to add. Not particular
    - Progress Bar: Hide icon color if icon is deselected
    - Text: Check that the font was set before SetText
    Ticket-number: 305
Benjamin Staneck:
    - revert compat removal
    - whitespace change to pull updated translations.
    - remove some MoP compat, rename Encounter ID list translation entry and translate "Encounter ID" maybe the CurseForge translation system likes to pick up the changes this time...
    - remove comment
    - convert indenting to what is used in the files (spaces - sigh) and localize the encounter id tooltip values, see http://www.wowace.com/addons/weakauras-2/localization/phrases/1144-current-encounter-ids/ if you want to help translate it, not sure this is the best way to do that but it will have to do for now.
    - Ticket #4 - Load Condition on ENCOUNTER_START
    Add an extra option on Load panel to type the Encounter ID.
    Tracks ENCOUNTER_START/END to load and unload the aura, also has
    protection agaisnt disconnect and combat leave by zone change.
    - Add aura ID to the aura_env table.

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