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    Apr 1, 2015
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 6.1.0


    - Init cooldowns after 0.5s
    As if abilities are changed by talents, that information is not
    available on PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD
    Ticket-number: 283
    - Global Cooldown: Use the global cooldown spell 61304
    And remove the code asking for a reference spell.
    - Improve performance of dynamic groups again
    Check if we need to resort. Should fix
    Ticket-number: 290
    - Fix models being hidden by cinematics
    Model auras are hidden by cinematics, which can be easily reproduced
    either in Dalaran with the Lich King cinematic or in the Garnisson on
    watching a zone end cinematic.
    Listen to PLAY_MOVIE and call setModel() on the model auras that
    are loaded works around the bug.
    - Fix minimum size for Texture and Model
    Ticket-number: 289
    - Add system messages
    Ticket-number: 224
    - Resort after setting duration info
    Fixes Ticket-number 276

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