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    Feb 15, 2015
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 6.0.3


    - Make specific unit work for combat log event triggers
    The text entry for specific unit has a derived its hidden function
    incorrectly from the parent's hidden function.
    The two changes:
    a) Pass in the trigger to the hidden function
    b) If hidden was a function the "or hidden" part would always be
       true, since a function is a true value.
    Making those options visible seem to be enough to actually fix
    the ticket 247.
    - Aurabar: Add color option for icon
    Allows for separately making the icon transparent, since every
    other part has a color setting, this kind of makes sense.
    Ticket-number: 245
    - Import tooltip: Truncate on more than 30 auras
    Ticket-number: 182
    - Rewrite Ignore Rune CD
    Apparently a spell cd due to a rune has always a duration of 10.
    So, rewrite the ignore rune cd option to use that fact. And track
    the spell cooldowns but disregard any update that has a duration of
    10 for those spells.
    - Fix remaining time check for some auras
    Ticket-number: 68
    - Fix sorting in dynamic groups
    We need to set the duration information in the region before we
    call expand, as expand will call controlChildren, which sorts
    according to the duration info.
    Ticket-number: 156
Steffen Buehl:
    - change dungeon difficulty load condition from select to multiselect