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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 6.0.2


    - Fix spellname
Benjamin Staneck:
    - more indenting and trying to get localization to work
    - new enUS export
    - import base (enUS) locale from Wowace, too
    - indent change to trigger translations
    - Never lose an end, this time it's okay.
    - Use LibBabble-Race-3.0 for race translations.
    - Add more support for spellIds in buff names
    SpellIds are now also supported without a full scan.
    Since this still uses UnitAura mutliple spells with the same name
    will trip up without full scans. On importing triggers with spellIds
    the spellName is reset, so that sharing auras with spellIds works
    across languages.
    Note: We might want to reset the spellname also if the client
    language changed, (If we can detect that.) but this patch doesn't
    do that.
    - Load option for realm
    The name by itself is not necesarily unique.
    - Add a load option for race.
    E.g. useful for racial abilities
    - Fix UnitPower triggers not working on initial log on
    E.g. for me shadow orbs, runic power and monk's energy bar would
    not correctly show up after logging in. Add the same event that is
    used by stances to trigger all UnitPower related prototypes 0.5s
    after login.
    - ModelPaths: Update to 6.0 models
    Used the file list from
    and converted it via a small Qt/C++ program, source at
    Adds tons of new models. :)
Benjamin Staneck:
    - just set the frame height to 500 when being <= 40 before when unminimizing so people can't end up stuck in mini mode anymore.
    - don't change from a generic name to a correct one for now so user configs don't reset.
    - Fix hiding auras in rare cases
    The problematic case was reported via a wowace message thread and
    involved a Cooldown Progress Dark Soul aura in a dynamic group,
    which wouldn't hide even though the progress was done.
    See: http://pastebin.com/1KPwbrt3
    Collpase should also reset region.show so that a previous Expand,
    that hasn't yet happened is canceled. Do the same for Expand after
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Next round of indenting fixes
    - more indent fixes
    - indenting fixes
    - Simplify the rest of the secondary ressources
    - Simplify Holy Power tracking and actually use UNIT_POWER for ComboPoints
    - Whitespace cleanup
    - Tentative fix for transitioning animations, nobody understands this code, it's sad.

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