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  • 5.4.8


Benjamin Staneck:
    - bring back some aura files from PowerAuras that somehow lost their alpha channel of the years
    - packager test, we are now on git, guys!
Steffen Buehl:
    - Re-apply changes lost in WA1 -> WA2 transition
Benjamin Staneck:
    - port back transmission changes from 6.0 branch
    - Refix 6.0 GetTalentInfo
    - Revert .toc bump, if u want it to work in beta, just change interface version to 60000 in all tocs (load out of date doesn't work)
    - Added patch 6.0 compatibility. Note that wow beta is currently not eating any external textures/fonts/sounds.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Cleanup after nebula169..this guy... (<3)
Kyle Buller:
    - clean up on aisle Stanzilla!
Benjamin Staneck:
    - clarify tooltip and move button further to the right.
    - Tooltip for Import disabler now works.
Kyle Buller:
    - missed a table level
    - check all triggers for custom code on import
    - wrap the assert in a pcall so nothing breaks
    - add pcall to blocked function list
    - add custom functions to the restricted environment before assert()
    - fix showing name in transmit tooltip
Benjamin Staneck:
    - check the button if the setting is enabled.
Kyle Buller:
    - clean up some globals/typos
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Import disabled function now works, just need to fix the tooltip
    - don't spam the custom code message
    - changes, yes I like Tupac.
    - needs more end
    - more working, less retard
    - Check for pcall in imported auras, warn when imported code contains a custom trigger, more work on disable/save import feature.
    - handle-subnamespaces="none" for all the other locales as this seems to be working.
    - Try to fix deDE localization keyword substitution by adding the missing comma.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - try handle-subnamespaces="none" to see if it fixes #29 /me glares at Torhal
    - localize In Pet Battle
    - add pet battle option for auras, thanks esiemiat
    - add a nil-check for unitCaster
    - Make the tooltip scanner "size" parser understand "1,234" not just "1234". Groumf Blizzard.
    - Less drawing, more useful stuff. :)
    - Added 'Dynamic' to the Time Precision options. This will return 1 or 2 digits after the comma when the "Time" of an aura is less than 3 seconds. This value is hardcoded. Code can probably be written in a cleaner way.
    - Added font outline option for the "icon" region type. Defaults to "OUTLINE".
    - Add an "interrupt" word - same style as others (Hobo font with shaded outline)
    - Global fixes
Benjamin Staneck:
    - ambiguate player name in transmission
    - More helpful error on corrupted savevars
    - Don't check public channels for aura links (gen/trade).
    - copy over the realid checking from badboy to allow aura links from realid friends not in your group/guild.
    - Filter out aura links sent by players not in our group or guild.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - add save import button, hidden and non functional atm
    - Transmission: Don't filter transmission requests.
    - Transmission: Only accept aura transmissions from players you have requested them from by clicking the chat link. Prevents malicious spammers sending people auras and invoking a popup to accept them.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - more scam checking
    - warn for every aura that is sent by other players and uses a custom trigger.
    - cosmetics, by nebula169
    - update safeguard
    - make the error print more informative
    - nil check and more blocked functions
    - forbid SetTradeMoney and SendMail, patch by nevcairiel
    - make the print red
    - add a scam protection against nasty gold thiefs
    - Use Full Scan auras can now use a Specific Unit as their unit. I didn't get a chance to test this extensively but it seems like it should work correctly.
    - Added a Pet Behavior (Assist, Defensive, Passive) trigger
    - Fixed a bug with multi-target auras trying to get GUIDs for some targets that do not return them (why do they not return them? I do not know)
    - Talent and Specialization loading options are now more intelligent - they will display class-specific information in their dropdowns if a single Class is selected as a load option Also, the Specialization load option dropdown will no longer display information about the current character even if the display is only loaded for another class
    - Fixed a bug with the duration info cache for custom Event triggers that should allow them to work properly with relative-duration animations Except it didn't look like a bug but rather something I did intentionally but forgot why, so this change will probably break something else =S
    - Fix stan being bad
Benjamin Staneck:
    - second commit featuring the name change and the inclusion of flex difficulty
    - AddOns should not call debugprofilestart() because this breaks the functionality of debugprofilestop() for everybody else (the timer gets reset). There is no reason to call debugprofilestart() because you can get the same effect with an initial call to debugprofilestop() that you subtract from the value from subsequent calls of debugprofilestop().
    - Update 5.3 (live) difficulty check
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Let's escalate some TOCs! (5.3 Update)
    - update instance code for difficulty index 10 and 11 (normal scenario and heroic scenario)
    - Fix for ticket 353: lua error attempt to call method ControlChildren.
    - Better totem icons
    - embed libchatanims
Benjamin Staneck:
    - I'm in your toc, updating your Interface Version to 50200.
    - fix toc
    - add optional GTFO addon integration
    - fix for the last commit
    - apply smcn's patch to allow entry of display ID for models
    - re-enable button glow
    - preferredIndex = 3 => STATICPOPUP_NUMDIALOGS
    - break button glow feature for now because it causes severe taint issues
    - Fix for removal of BATTLEGROUND chat type.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - Fix Display Ordering and Frame Strata within a Group  http://www.wowace.com/addons/weakauras/forum/39635-display-ordering-and-frame-strata-within-a-group/
    - replace chat hook with chat filter, avoids potential issues with chat mods.
    - mind your commas.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - added missing spell activation overlays as reported by chrohe. thanks!
    - 5.1 TOC
    - - Fix so WeakAuras options can't get shown off-screen (wasn't likely in normal play but could happen if the user changed resolution or ui scale between logons)
    - - Tweak icon browser layout in options so the scrollframe doesn't overlap the buttons (Custom Icon). - Fix/pretify user information messages for optional modules failing to load. - Fix tutorials so they work from a fresh login and not only after a /reload.
    - - Remove player pet from combat check (it looks like UnitAffectingCombat doesn't return proper value for pets in PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED) - Change initialization of non-static game data like specializations, to PLAYER_LOGIN (ticket 372) - Do the same for forms instead of creating an unthrottled OnUpdate that likely never stops for some users ( and previous?) - Get specialization info from classid not player. - Apply the in combat options handling to Imports started from WeakAura chat links as well. - Fix and pretify the info message when an optional module can't be loaded. - Attempt to fix the "Ignore Rune CD" option not working (needs verification)
    - - Fix ticket 365 (blank vertical progress bars) and guard against missing textures.
    - - Fix corrupted data for time remaining / stacks (ticket 366) - Fix some tonumber() sanity checks to perform the intended function of number check and not type check. - Validate numeric input controls in options so this particular user error can't happen again.
    - Added ASCII art to the source code. Most useful commit ever!
    - - Fix Aura Filter error when opening options in combat using the LDB display instead of command-line.
    - - Fix for ticket #366; confirmation by the submitter would be good, can't reproduce it on my end.
    - - Prevent "script ran too long" errors from trying to load the options module in combat. (Inform the user and finish on combat exit; only affects initial load) - Prevent errors from trying to use actions dependent on LoD addons if they're disabled or removed by the user.
    - - Player guid take 2.
    - - Don't try to cache the player guid before P_E_W. - Add a couple checks for other units requested guids.
Benjamin Staneck:
    - this can still be nil
    - - Fix a silly mistake with party/raid units. Should be ready for user testing now.
    - - Add an overlooked localization string and see if we can get a package.
    - - Prevent errors from trying to show tutorials with a tab-less display selected (eg. Group display with no children) - Add monk detection to the beginner tutorial - Tweak some of the messages so that they don't show raw format specifiers (some messages are still incomplete/obvious placeholders)
    - - Long standing bug with Auras disappearing from Options fixed and changes made to catch similar easier in the future. (coroutines are not guaranteed to fire in the order created, or produce errors when the added function fails) - Some more divide by zero protection in options
    - - Group scanning reworked to 5.x standards - Improved role detection - RangedSlot remnants removed - Class descriptions and colors un-hardcoded - Tiered talent detection (tier1 - 6) forward compatible - Scenario added to group types, LFR to raid difficulties - Monk stances added to stance options - Some divide by zero prevention (is that still necessary in live)
Benjamin Staneck:
    - - Fix missing translation for fourth talent treeeeee - Fix Ticket 336, missing group auras in party (thanks Gragagrogog) - Fix Ticket 306 by adding an option to check for currently active talents (thanks ccKep)
    - fixes ticket 332
    - Refix it, without fatfingering extra keys
    - Fix nil instance types
Benjamin Staneck:
    - let's try Expf's patch for taint free aura linking
    - final SETGLOBAL cleanup. variables named Debug earn someone a special place in hell
    - second pass SETGLOBAL cleanup
    - first pass SETGLOBAL cleanup.  taint is bad, mkay?
Benjamin Staneck:
    - fix a typo
    - fix some global leaks
    - First rule about difficultyIndex == 9 is that we do not talk about difficultyIndexx == 9
    - fixed typo, thanks to nebula169
    - Druids have four specs now.
    - Show emberbits instead of only full embers
    - Remove ranged slot and add a hyrid sort mode for dynamic groups
    - minus typo
    - fix up difficulty detection and rename Harmony Orbs to Chi Power
    - add support for burning embers and demonic fury
    - add support for harmony orbs (are they really called like that? :O)
    - add support for shadow orbs
    - don't error here, bro
    - Add missing translations and challenge mode detection
    - let's divide by zero at little bit less
    - ching chang chung
    - Update TOCs and fix the nasty green texture without adding a hack to LSM like other people
    - More API fixes
    - and some more API changes
    - hello monks
    - some 5.0 api changes, instance loading does not work yet
    - branch
    - Forgot to alpha reduce icon =)
    - Reduce complexity of graphics alpha channels. Remove another big chunk of zip file size.
    - Some more image compression...
    - Shave a meg or two off of the zip size by actually using tga RLE compression on images. Derp.
    - Ninjachange: the wrench icon really doesnt need to be 256x256
    - Reduced sample file sizes by loads. Who needs stereo + 44khz + 320kbps for dings & blips & meows?
Benjamin Staneck:
    - fix for ticket #252, Mikk might come up with a better one but this works.
    - try to avoid some UI taint by setting preferredIndex to 3 for StaticPopupDialogs
    - let's try this madness only when fonts are set to be bigger than 35
    - fix dynamic load options for heroic/normal instances based on ticket #254
    - fix groups erroring while being moved.
    - Fixed a bug that prevented Icon tooltips from displaying properly Fixed a bug that caused graphical weirdness on Progress Bars at 0% fullness
    - .toc updates to 4.3
    - Fixed a bug which caused an error at log-in for users with any Text displays in non-dynamic Groups
    - * Fix for group border alignment when content is not aligned to group anchor point * Fix a bug in model display * Added border options to model display
    - * Some code cleanup
    - * Fix for r199 broken commit * Added borders to groups (dynamic groups, text, model under dev.)
    - - Removed old timer code from packager (still in SVN) - Updated Progress Bar with a lot of new options (Border Color, Individual Text options) - Fixed Tutorial localization bug (zhCN & enUS)
    - * Moonkin eclipse power should now be more consistent with the default UI bevavior. * Fixed a bug that prevented eclipse-displays from hidding * Another PTR 4.3 update to increase options performance on low FPS systems
    - * Another fix for moonkin power bar * Added another feature to Death Knight Rune triggers (Rune count). NOTE: If your rune trigger stops working, make sure to enable the rune-type checkbox. (Formerly it was "required" thus auto-selected)
    - * Tried to fix Moonkin solar power * Multi-Target displays should now update more probably (Aura refreshes by spell-casts that don't trigger an SPELL_AURA_REFRESH event) * Applied a fix for the PTR 4.3 (Note: GetTime() does not seem to update inside one OnUpdate event anymore. Moved to using coroutines for throttleing instead)
    - * Recommiting. Somehow TortoiseSVN did not recognize moved files. * Fixed a small Full Aura Scan error * Hopefully fixed the lunar eclipse trigger
    - * Added UnitCanAttack/UnitLevel to Unit Characteristics trigger * Added an inverse option to the stance trigger * Added some new sound effects
    - * Moved some files to the Options addon, icnluding:  * ForAllIndentsAndPurposes  * Few Localizations * Added Tutorials localization * Made missing wowace.com localizations (esMX, koKR, ptBR, zhCN)
    - * Fixed another Trigger: Aura, Unit: Group related bug * Rewrote Trigger: Aura, Unit: Group code to internally use GUIDs instead of raid ids and names!
    - * Fixed equipped item trigger
    - * Test code before commiting!
    - * Another 4.3 PTR fix regarding UnitMaxHealth()
    - * Another 4.3 PTR fix regarding UnitPowerMax
    - * Did some code cleanup * Shapeshift triggers will now be avaluated delayed after login to make sure data is available * Small PTR fix for UnitPowerMax
    - * Fixed combination of inverse and name setting of totem trigger
    - * Fixed last-minute bug introduced into last rev. * Addition to last commit:  * Fixed several TOC issues (re-added version-supstitution, added missing OptDeps)
    - * Fixed options for cooldowns progress not requiring spell/item id * Added "Battleground emotes" to the chat trigger (battleground notices) * Fixed aura trigger, Unit=group option should now work in battlegrounds (Please post comments/ticket if there are still any quirks left) * Minor (tiny) optimizations
    - * Fixed DK-Rune cooldown trigger NOTE: There is a slight wow-related delay between rune cooldowns and rune type changes. The only way to compensate is to use start animation-tab to hide the display for a few (mili)seconds before showing it. * One can now potentially use unlimited numbers of triggers for one display instead of 9
    - - WeakAuras now support events (messages) send by AceEvent-3.0 addons - Death Knights: Spell Cooldowns can no differ between own and rune enforced cooldown. (Option added) - New condition: Player has pet (alive) - Fixed possible problem when running with disembed libs without using SharedMedia
    - - Fixed item cooldowns not working
    - - Fixed DK rune trigger
    - - Added new chat output "location". Battleground>Raid>Group>Say
    - - Reworked Death Knight rune cooldown trigger (now works similar to spell/item cooldowns)
    - * Added role-load options (Ticket 184)
    - * Added desaturation option to texture and dynamic texture * Rearranged desaturation options
    - - Fixed issue that made custom picked icons display "?"-Icon when shown without any trigger involvement (Ticket 191)
    - - Fixed localization typo
    - - Icons/Bars can now be desaturated (gray-scale) without requiring custom code
    - Fixed Multi-target Auras for 4.2 Combat Log Events
    - Updated .toc's to 4.2 Added localized Notes to all .toc's
    - Updated Combat Log Event triggers for 4.2. If you have Custom Triggers that use the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED event, you will have to update them manually. Instructions on how to do so can be found in the WeakAuras forum on WoWAce. Fixed a bug where Item Count triggers were not updating correctly with items with charges. Fixed a bug where Action Usable and Cooldown triggers were not updating correctly in some circumstances involving Death Runes. Fixed a bug where Death Knight Rune triggers were not getting proper icons on login. Fixed a bug where the Glow Frame Choose button (in the Actions tab) was not working with groups. Fixed a bug which prevented Custom Trigger code fields of additional triggers from being edited in the Code Editor. Fixed some buggy behavior related to resizing the configuration window.
    - - Action Usable triggers should now work more consistent for Death Knights
    - - Added missing Power Auras textures (Aura46, Aura47, Aura51, Aura131)
    - The Specific Unit option for auras should now work again.
    - Made Death Knight Rune triggers work a little better with Progress Bars.
    - Inverse option added to Action Usable triggers Group aura tooltips now correctly apply class colors to cross-realm names
    - Fixed .pkgmeta typo
    - Improvements to the Beginners Guide tutorial: Added auto-advancing to some steps General proofreading Changed the closing step to indicate that more advanced tutorials will be released later (instead of implying they already exist)
    - Updated .pkgmeta to automatically copy WeakAurasTutorials out of the WeakAuras folder
    - Fixed a bug in configuration which would occasionally cause errors related to additional triggers
    - Fixed a bug which would cause errors upon selecting the "Multi-target" Unit option without specifying any aura name Updated WeakAurasModelPaths to a fresh listfile scan, and removed many superfluous paths
    - Some files didn't seem to commit properly in r152.
    - Improved the capabilities of the WeakAurasTutorials (specifically, added functionality to automatically advance the tutorial based on changes made in the configuration) Added a New Features tutorial.
    - Removed a memory leak from some Status triggers that would update every frame (e.g. Power triggers) Fixed a bug which prevented Icon displays from using Custom (%c) dynamic text codes Added support for Progress-based animations to auto-cloned displays Fixed a bug which caused Translation Animations to not work properly with auto-cloned displays Rewrote custom dynamic text (%c) update code to be somewhat more efficient Added an option to custom dynamic text (%c) fields to choose how often they update Improved the aesthetics of Group aura tooltips Tooltips should now update while open whenever their display's dynamic info is updated The Icon Picker should now accept spell IDs (although they will not necessarily give any enhanced accuracy) Added Bounce and Bounce with Decay animations Added an option to the Weapon Enchant trigger to specify the name of the enchant Added Blizzard's Spell Alert Impact texture to the default texture list
    - Resolved much buggy behavior related to importing Groups and Dynamic Groups from addons Added localization files for French, Russian, and Chinese
    - Using bossN UIDs with Specific Unit options will now work properly with Aura triggers and will update more reliably with other Status triggers. Fixed a bug which would cause many triggers to throw errors due to not being initialized properly. Wrote an actual tutorial for WeakAurasTutorials.
    - Made improvements to bossN UIDs for Aura triggers. They probably still don't work, though.
    - Added indicators on the tooltips of sidebar display buttons that are defined by addons, showing by which addons they are defined. Added an "Export to Lua table" option to the right-click menu of all displays. This is meant to be an aide to WeakAuras addon developers. Improved support of importing displays with parents through the Addon import UI. Importing groups is still quite buggy.
    - Added a "Tooltip on Mouseover" option to Progress Bar and Icon displays. The option will only appear for valid triggers (Aura trigger or Event/Status triggers that are based on Spells or Items). Full-scan auras have more accurate tooltips than others. Fixed many circumstances where the configuration would attempt to access a display's option table when it did not yet exist (and thus throw an error).
    - Improved the accuracy of sidebar button tooltips (they now distinguish between regular and Full Scan auras, and display a special line for auto-cloning displays) Changed displays that only Load In Combat to remain in the Loaded section of the configuration sidebar Improved the ability of tutorials to point to specific options in the configuration UI - this is demonstrated in the third step of the placeholder tutorial, as it points to the Trigger -> Aura Name option of a display named "Armor"
    - Added a "Player(s) Not Affected" choice in the Name Info option for Group Auras Updated the Group Aura trigger configuration screen to more accurately reflect the options that are used by auto-cloned and non-auto-cloned settings (i.e., removed Inverse from non-auto-cloned, removed Name Info and Stack Info from auto-cloned) Improved the behavior of Group Aura auto-cloning using the Inverse option, and added a new tooltip to the Inverse option to indicate how it interacts with auto-cloning
    - Did much work on WeakAurasTutorials. The framework is now mostly finished. The ability for tutorials to point to specific options in the configuration still needs work and testing. There is currently only one tutorial defined and it has no actual value in its content, but it serves as an example of the tutorial framework.
    - Very minor bug fixes to the configuration
    - Started work on WeakAurasTutorials, an in-game tutorial player for WeakAuras.
    - Implemented much more support for addon-defined displays. Added a UI for managing addon-defined displays. API for addon-defined display registration is forthcoming.
    - Fixed an error related to Event -> Combat Log triggers.
    - Made a tiny change to Duration Info that is passed to displays during configuration.
    - Fixed a bug where auto-cloned displays would not hide properly when unloaded
    - Added a dialog box mechanism which prompts the user to rename displays based on a list of id collisions. There is no actual user-accessible functionality that makes use of this yet, but it will be important for Addon-defined displays.
    - Added a dialog box that appears when an Aura trigger is specified by spell ID that will ask the user if they would like to switch to a Use Full Scan trigger (which can match that specific spell ID).
    - Fixed an compile error in r132. Added Button Glow effects to the Actions tab. Any display can now show or hide a Button Glow animation on any arbitrary frame with a global name or any WeakAuras display.
    - Removed all evidence of a dirty little COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED work-around. Oh, it's still there; it just (hopefully) won't affect the use of the addon anymore.
    - Implemented an integrity checker for synchronization between Group child and parent relationships. This should prevent the SavedVariables file from entering a corrupted state when a grouping error occurs. Created a new AceGUI-3.0 layout function to use to position all buttons in the configuration sidebar relative to the parent frame instead of relative to each other. This should improve WoW's framerate while moving the configuration window or scrolling through the sidebar, especially when you have lots of defined displays.
    - Enabled the German localization file. Whoops! Fixed a small bug in configuration which caused displays with non-time-based progress values (such as Health triggers) to display as timers. Fixed a bug which would cause an error if a multi-target auto-cloned display would attempt to hide after the configuration UI was opened.
    - Added a GCD trigger to the Status category Added a Swing Timer trigger to the Status category (supports offhand and ranged timers, but these have not been tested, and dual-wield swing timing especially is likely to be very buggy)
    - Added "Specific Unit" options to all triggers that have Unit options. This allows your to specify any arbitrary UID or Name (but only works on friendly group members).
    - Made several improvements to Circular Dynamic Groups, including better animations Spent quite a lot of time making Circular Dynamic Groups work well with the configuration's mover/sizer, backgrounds and borders, animations, etc.
    - Added a Circular growth option to Dynamic Groups. Group animations for Circular Dynamic Groups need a little work, and thumbnails for Circular Dynamic Groups (and Dynamic Groups with auto-cloned displays) need updating, but most of the functionality works well.
    - Improved the sorting of full-scan auto-clone display groups (auras will now be sorted by their UnitAura index by default). Removed a debug message from Model display creation
    - Improved the "jiggliness" of Text displays, and improved their justification property. Fixed a bug which caused group aura auto-cloned displays to update improperly sometimes. Changed the creation of options tables in WeakAurasOptions to greatly increase the loading speed of the configuration window (and reduce memory usage somewhat). Fixed a bug which would cause an error when a new user first opens the configuration. Fixed a bug which would cause an error in Dynamic Group sorting on login.
    - Added Unit Characteristics trigger Added Frame Strata options to all display types Added an inverse setting to Aura triggers' Own Only option which matches only auras cast by someone *other than* the player Changed Transmission.lua to allow WeakAuras to accept links and imports from previous versions (but not vice-versa)
    - Fixed multi-target auto-cloning for 4.1 Improved the efficiency of group auto-cloned displays Improved the behavior of auto-cloned displays with Dynamic Group animations Added a dialog box that appears whenever you enable auto-cloning that asks if you would like to automatically add the display to a Dynamic Group Added an option to Dynamic Groups to sort their children by expiration time Moved ModelPaths.lua to a separate LoadOnDemand addon to prevent its loading from causing some people's WoW clients to freeze Re-added some code that ensured model displays would always show up correctly that I deleted recently because I forgot what it did
    - Fixed the fix in r117 to actually fix the thing that needed fixing
    - Fixed a bug which prevented display links from transmitting correctly
    - Fixed a bug which sometimes caused an error when opening the configuration when using clones with Dynamic Groups. Fixed a bug where clones in Dynamic Groups would not hide correctly. Fixed a compatibility issue with AceComm-3.0 which caused an error.
    - Updated Event -> Combat Log Triggers to automatically play nicely with 4.1's new Combat Log Event Unfiltered argument. Added a warning that will display to inform users with Custom COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED Triggers to update them fro 4.1 (and provides a link with instructions on how to do so).
    - Fixed a very subtle bug in Dynamic Group handling that was causing problems with the "Animated Expand and Collapse" option. Completely rewrote the backend for clone handling, to improve efficiency and allow clones to be compatible with Animated Expand and Collapse of Dynamic Groups. Group-animated clones are still fairly buggy, but they at least work somewhat. Changed the dynamic text fields on Progress Bar and Icon displays to show nothing instead of "?" when no value is defined. Incremented the version number in Transmission.lua which will cause displays linked from a post-r111 version of WeakAuras to a pre-r111 version of WeakAuras to show an Incompatble Version error. This is because Model displays are not backwards compatible and will cause errors in older versions.
    - Fixed a bug which would cause errors when creating Icon displays.
    - Fixed the problem of Model display thumbnails not displaying correctly with a rather clever workaround. Added a Model picker screen to the configuration. Added a huge (over 2MB) list of Model paths! The model path list is not entirely up to date for Cataclysm, but it should be for the final release. Fixed a bug which would cause table indexing errors when using Full Scan Aura triggers.
    - Versioning might be fixed now. Also added some CPU Profiling code that won't really be useful to most users.
    - I've made a huge mess of things due to poor using version control. Trying to get it all sorted!
    - Added a new display type: Model. Models displays use 3D models from the game files. Currently, the only way to change the model file is to specify a path manually. In a later version, there will be a model picker. Currently, thumbnails for Model displays are buggy in a very strange way. I have no clue why it's happening, and I can't figure out a way to fix it. If anyone has any knowledge about this behavior, please tell me!
    - Deprecated Timer displays. All existing Timer displays should automatically convert to identically-appearing Text displays. Added code that should automatically retain the custom Display Text option of Progress Bars, but only when upgrading from r99 or earlier to r104 or later. Changed all display types to color themselves with their own Color function as display settings are applied. This should fix a bug in the animation system which caused the color of displays to be unchangeable while animating.
    - Fixed a bug with Group positioning
    - Added borders and backgrounds to Dynamic Groups Added borders to Progress Bars Made cloning work better with configuration (any display that can be cloned will now show 2 clones while in configuration, to demonstrate what the cloned effect will look like)
    - Improved the efficiency of the loading sequence, and eliminated "bunching" during the loading sequence. Added a search box above the configuration sidebar Changed the configuration window to be resizable
    - Changed the Timer and Text fields of Progress Bars, and the Stacks field of Icons, to more generic dynamic text fields (they default to "%p", "%n", and "%s" respectively to make the transition invisible to the end user). Added decimal precision options for the dynamic text fields of Text, Progress Bar, and Icon displays.
    - Added ForAllIndentsAndPurposes to the built-in Lua editor, to accomplish syntax coloring Added "Expand Text Editor" buttons to all multi-line edit boxes in the configuration Added a "Required For Activation" option for multiple triggers to choose between "All Triggers" and "Any Triggers". Due to limitations in the WeakAuras core, only the Main Trigger can pass dynamic information to the display, even in "Any Triggers" mode. Added a Sound Channel option to the Actions Tab Put in better garbage collection for multi-target aura triggers. Multi-target aura triggers are now considered fairly stable.
    - Fixed several bugs related to multi-target auras Added a new tooltip feature to Aura trigger input field icons - shows all possible spell IDs and icons that could be matched by the input name Added a full-window text editor to the configuration - currently it can only be invoked by Actions tab Custom options (this will be expanded later) German localization thanks to CommanderSirow!
    - Added auto-clone options to Full Scan and Group Aura triggers - this will automatically clone the display as necessary to display multiple matches Added Multi-target unit option to Aura triggers - another auto-clone option, which uses a combination of Combat Log events and UnitAura tracking to track auras on anything Fixed a bug which caused Cast triggers to misreport the interruptibility of channeled spells
    - Changed Holy Power, Combo Point, and Soul Shard triggers to send information about their current value through Stack Info in addition to Duration Info.
    - Added an option to rotate the text of Progress Bars. Changed Progress Bars to use StatusBar frames (StatusBar frames were initially avoided to prevent some buggy behavior that has since been fixed by Blizzard). This should reduce the CPU usage of Progress Bars while they progressing. Optimized the memory and CPU usage of some functions.
    - Aura triggers set to "Inverse" will no longer display when their specified unit does not exist Aura triggers in general will update more promptly on Load condition changes (most importantly, entering and exiting combat) Fixed a minor option ordering bug in the Animations tab
    - Fixed a bug which sometimes caused item-based triggers to wipe their specified item on log-in
    - Fixed a bug which prevented timed custom event triggers from hiding correctly. Fixed a bug which would cause an error if a Power trigger was created without specifying a unit.
    - Fixed a stupid typo
    - Added many Cataclysm Spell Alert textures that have been added since Cataclysm release Rewrote icon cache creation code so that (theoretically) it will add new icons as new spell ids are added to the WoW client
    - The Stealable option of full scan auras now works properly.
    - Fixed a bug which would occasionally cause Totem triggers to throw errors Fixed a bug which would cause displays with multiple triggers to work poorly with the load conditions Greatly reduced the number of times Conditions triggers are checked in certain circumstances Greatly reduced the number of times some functions are called during log-in
    - Fixed a bug which prevented Combo Point triggers from properly updating on target change Fixed a bug which caused errors when using strings containing apostrophes in some triggers
    - Text displays can now have font sizes larger than 25px (although they will be pixelated) Fixed a bug which kept Name from being displayed on the Add Dynamic Text option of Text displays Updated Spanish localization for 1.3
    - Added CommanderSirow's enhanced Progress Texture code. Progress Textures can now be subjected to all sorts of transformations, including rotation. Added an Inverse option to Totem triggers. Fixed a bug which caused some configuration options to throw errors after their displays had been renamed. Fixed a bug which prevented Weapon Enchant triggers from getting proper duration information.
    - Added a right-click menu option to convert a (non-group) display to a different (non-group) display type. Added a "Remaining Time" option to Aura and Cooldown Progress triggers. Added support for ranged weapons to the Weapon Enchant trigger. Fixed Weapon Enchant triggers to update more accurately. Added an Inverse option to Weapon Enchant triggers. Added a "Gradient Pulse" color animation type. Added SharedMedia sounds to the Actions tab sounds list. Fixed a rather pernicious bug which would cause displays with multiple triggers to occasionally get stuck as visible after closing the configuration window. Fixed a bug which threw errors when trying to use the texture picker with multi-selected displays.
    - Added Color animation functions to Texture, Progress Texture, Progress Bar, and Text displays (Timers were ignored because they are deprecated) Added Color animation support to core and options Added an Import button to the New display window, which allows users to import the strings given by the "Export to String..." option in the right-click menu. Added the ability to define a custom description for any display. This description is shown as "flavor text" on mouseover tooltips in the configuration UI and on linked and imported tooltips.
    - Fixed a bug which kept Combat loading from working. Fixed a bug which kept displays from being checked immediately on load for visibility.
    - Fixed a bug which allowed you to rename displays to the same name as other displays (which would cause them to be overwritten, and do other bad things). Added a right-click menu option to export a display to string. There is not yet any way to use this string to import.
    - Added several new textures - squares and circles with varying shading - courtesy of CommanderSirow Added Spanish localization, courtesy of xxavx Removed the Conditions section of triggers. Conditions are now their own trigger in the Status category. Data from previous versions should be updated in compatibility with this change. The Combat condition was moved to the Load tab instead of the new Conditions trigger. This can be slightly annoying for configuration, but is worth it for CPU efficiency - it allows high-CPU triggers (such as Aura triggers with Unit set to "Group") to be used outside of combat without in-combat performance being affected at all. Increased the time accuracy of Mounted condition checks Added "Full aura scan" option for Aura triggers - allows name and tooltip text matching, spellId, debuff type (curse, magic, etc.), and the ability to use the first number appearing in the tooltip text as Stack Info (useful for tooltips that denote size, like Tyrande's Favorite Doll). Added Cast trigger, and added the ability for Duration Info to pass an argument to force a Progress Bar or Progress texture to animate in reverse (needed to differentiate casts from channels). Icon cooldown overlays are not supported. Added Dynamic Info (Duration, Name, Icon, Stacks) fields to Custom triggers. Added an LDB display. It doesn't have many features, but it changes color if you mouse over it, which is better than real features. Added Character Level to the Load tab Optimized the showing and hiding of the configuration UI. Fixed a bug which would occur when a display was renamed
    - Rewrote rename code - renaming displays is now more efficient and produces much less garbage. This also fixes several bugs: - Renaming a group no longer causes config sidebar buttons to overlap - Renaming a group that has just been imported no longer causes terrible errors and possible database corruption Fixed the sneakiest and most persistent WeakAuras bug - the dreaded Phantom UI Buttons bug (ticket 32)!
    - Fixed a bug which prevented Action Usable triggers from updating as often as they should Added options for Actions to send messages to Chat Frame or Blizzard Combat Text
    - Rewrote Text displays to be able to display dynamic information (progress, duration, name, icon, stack) Also added a Custom field to Text displays which allows for a custom function to return a string value to be included in the display as dynamic info
    - Added a Duplicate option to the right-click menu for non-group displays Added support for selecting multiple displays at once in the configuration UI Added a right-click menu for multiple display selections with the following operations: Add to group, add to dynamic group, delete all
    - Fixed a bug regarding cooldown timers and event forcing (logins & exiting config) Fixed a bug which occasionally caused inverse cooldown timers to emit errors Optimized non-cooldown timer usage; this should fix a bug which would cause the number of timers being used by WeakAuras to spiral out of control
    - Countless bugs squashed regarding display links and the new config UI code. Both are working reasonably well now.
    - Completely rewrote much UI code to make it faster and more responsive:   The configuration window now loads displays dynamically (with breaks for frame drawing), which greatly reduces the lag that occurs when the configuration window opens   Many operations, such as grouping and copying, were rewritten to eliminate the lag that would occur when they were used. This makes handling groups, group ordering, etc. *much* more responsive, especially when you have lots of displays   Delete, copy, and rename operations no longer have their own buttons; instead, those operations can be accessed with a right-click dropdown menu. This menu will be expanded with more operations.   Due to the rewrites, some sidebar operations may be buggy, error-prone, or nonfunctional. If UI bugs bother you, just stay away from this release.   The infamous phantom buttons bug should be fixed now. Removed a stray debug message from cooldown timer code
    - Rewrote cooldown handling (again!) Cooldowns no longer confuse themselves with GCDs when they have very little duration remaining Item cooldowns (might be) fixed Cooldown Progress (Item) triggers have an Inverse option Ignore GCD options removed - cooldown triggers ignore GCDs by default
    - Fixed some (but not all) bugs related to importing groups of displays using spell links
    - Implemented display link transmission and tooltips (almost) completely (more files)
    - Implemented display link transmission and tooltips (almost) completely
    - Added new libraries to embeds.xml Added Transmission.lua which contains linking and Import/Export code
    - Added a "Hide" option to Alpha animation types. This will simply cause a display to be hidden for the duration of the animation. Fixed progress-based animations for triggers with custom duration info (Power/Health/etc.) Removed debug messages from ChatFrame3 Added basic support for display Links and Import/Export functionality
    - Fixed a bug with Combat Log triggers which kept SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS events from working.
    - Alternate Power trigger added (can be used for Atremedes' Sound mechanic) Some minor optimizations for timer usage
    - Added Weapon Enchant trigger. Removed some choices the Play Sound option whose related sound files no longer exist. Fixed a bug which would cause groups containing Progress Bars to throw errors.
    - Fixed a bug where Totem triggers would not hide correctly.
    - Removed debug messages.
    - Fixed some instances where displays would magically hide themselves during configuration without permission.
    - Fixed a bug which caused cooldown overlays on Icons to display incorrectly for Icons with 0 duration. Fixed a bug which caused animations to unzoom zoomed Icons. Fixed a bug which caused Progress Textures with certain trigger types to display incorrectly.
    - Fixed a bug which caused the cooldown tracker system to abuse AceTimer-3.0 worse than a gnome with a "Punt Me" sign on his back. Fixed a bug which caused the cooldown tracker frame to be recreated for every registered spell.
    - Added Stack Info and Name Info options to group-based Aura triggers Added "Crowd Controlled" trigger - tracks whether you have control of your character Fixed Totem triggers Added Stack visibility and Icon positioning options to Progress Bars Fixed bugs related to Inverse Cooldown Progress (Spell) triggers Made Stance/Form/Aura triggers work more consistently Added information for multiple triggers to configuration sidebar button tooltips Fixed a bug where mixing Auras and Events/Statuses with multiple triggers would not work correctly
    - Added Eclipse Power and Eclipse Direction triggers Fixed thumbnails for Centered Horizontal and Centered Vertical Dynamic Groups Bug fixes
    - Added a mechanism by which custom Actions can reference the unit of the aura scan which caused the custom Action to be called (WeakAuras.CurrentUnit Fixed some instances where On Hide Action sounds would play at inappropriate times
    - Fixed many (but not all) bugs concerning custom triggers Implemented "Centered Horizontal" and "Centered Vertical" growth types for Dynamic Groups Fixed a bug where displays would re-load on zone changes (which would play their Start animations)
    - Minor organization fix
    - Made the Icon picker's search function case-insensitive
    - Fixed a bug when displays were set to 0 width Switched the positions of "Okay" and "Cancel" buttons in texture and icon picker screens Added a tooltip to load options that can have multi-selects to indicate that they have three modes Fixed multi-select load options to work with Group settings Fixed a bug involving "phantom" frames appearing on the screen after being deleted (spooky!)
    - Rewrote Spell Ready triggers so that more than one at a time will work per Spell/Item.
    - O wond'rous be this bounty, fill'd with text That whereby shall your feature set be grown And whenst I shall be moved to update next Thy tangled body, truth, cannot be known
    - Dis-embeded SharedMedia and SharedMediaAdditionalFonts Shard trigger (similar to Holy Power) Many Load tab options can now be changed to multi-select mode Inverse option added to Cooldown Progress triggers Fixed a bug where Action Usable's Valid Target option was not working correctly
    - Fixed a typo which would cause Aura triggers to generate errors.
    - Added SharedMedia optional dependencies in .toc
    - Group-wide auras that are *able* to trigger when 0 people are affected by the aura can no longer have "Auto" icon and name.
    - Changed the default color of Texture displays to match the new default texture path Added global references to Icon displays' cooldown frames so OmniCC can blacklist them Rewrote the group-wide aura code - group auras now give duration info old "Raid" or "Party" triggers need to be changed to "Group"
    - Fixed errors in Cooldown triggers
    - Fixed a bug regarding improper handling of nil returns of GetSpellCooldown calls
    - Fixed a bug in a tooltip for group-based aura triggers
    - Removed a stray debug message
    - Integrated all media Changed spell-based triggers to use spell IDs internally (should fix some bugs) Fixed Icon cooldown overlays Smoothed demonstration cooldown overlays in Options Added an option to zoom Icon textures (to crop borders) Fixed a bug involving a phantom Progress Bar on creating a Dynamic Group Changed the default texture for new displays Made the Main animations of displays in a group automatically sync to each other Fixed a bug which prevented displays from properly showing and hiding during talent changes Forced overlapping displays in a group to overlap in the same order as their group order
    - Groups fixed Multiple triggers completed (still not well tested) Multiple trigger options and groups work together Other minor fixes
    - Added Pets to unit options for auras and other triggers Added Happiness to Power trigger (untested) Added Holy Power trigger (untested) Added Mirror option to Progress Textures Improved Progress Texture tooltips and scale animations Re-enabled Cooldown (Item) - Renamed to Cooldown Progress (Item) Added Cooldown Ready (Item) Changed Action Usable trigger to not show when the spell is on cooldown
    - Small bug fix Trying to wrangle revisions
    - Cataclysm spell alert textures Multiple triggers per display (incomplete) Group options broken (temporarily) Sticky Duration option for Progress Bars, Progress Textures, and Icons (keeps durations from resetting to lesser values, which seems to happen a lot on aura refreshes in 4.0) Icon cache moved to Options addon, which cuts memory usage of core addon by 75% Icon cache builds much faster
    - I suck at revision control
    - Mana/Rage/etc. trigger changed to Power Power values will update much more often Added a check for non-existant trigger types Fixed a bug regarding trigger function creation Removed "Cooldown (Item)" triggers until I can figure out a way to support them Improved functionality of Health/Power triggers when unit is set to target or focus Cooldown (Spell) trigger renamed Cooldown Progress (Spell) Cooldown Ready (Spell) trigger added Load option Talent Specialization changed to choose primary talent tree instead of dual spec Fixed a bug which caused Scale animations to displays incorrectly on Progress Bars
    - Added a check to prevent displays from being named with an empty string
    - Forgotten localization string
    - Aura inputs now accept incorrect capitalization, partial matches, and spell ids Item inputs now accept incorrect capitalization and spell links Aura, item, and spell inputs no longer accept incorrect inputs
    - Changed the order of embeds.xml so AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets would load correctly
    - Added AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets as a library
    - Fixed a bug which prevented the texture picker from displaying textures
    - Changed the order of embeds.xml so LibDataBroker would load properly
    - Added LibDataBroker as a library
    - embeds.xml file added .toc updates
    - .pkgmeta file added
    - Initial commit
    - "weakauras/mainline: Initial Import"

Additional Files