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    May 18, 2021
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 9.0.5


3.4.0 (2021-05-18)

Full Changelog


  • Add new Import / Update experience for auras.
  • More progress on nested groups. Don't get excited yet.
  • More updates for BCC
  • Lots of bug fixes.


InfusOnWoW (7):

  • Cast trigger: Show a "Exact Spell match" option for the spellId check
  • Fix Remaing Cast Time Check for multi auras
  • Fix clones jumping around
  • Spell Cooldown: Fix fake charges for GCD tracking auras
  • Allow TSU tooltips to be wrapped
  • Fix TimerTick not being disabled on Collpase/Expand
  • Retail Templates: Add missing Unbound Chaos talent to DH Buffs

Stanzilla (4):

  • Dependabot: Monitor GitHub actions for updates
  • Rename everything concerning TBC Classic to BCC
  • Update WeakAurasModelPaths from wow.tools
  • Update WeakAurasModelPaths from wow.tools

Vardex (8):

  • Text Region: Prepare for nested
  • Prepare TextEditor for nested
  • OptionsFrame: Make some preparations for nested
  • Prepare DisplayOptions for nested
  • Prepare tooltip for nesting
  • Options: Use TraverseChildren in view test
  • Prepare InformationOptions for nested
  • Add offset to display button for nested

emptyrivers (2):

  • set chunk name on loadstring instead of injecting a comment
  • lock archivist version

mrbuds (31):

  • fix "Talent Known" trigger for BCC fixes #3098
  • update wowtools script for classic_era and bcc
  • tbc swing timer: aimed shot should reset both melee & ranged swings
  • remove debug print in DuplicateCollapseData
  • fix scrolling with Ready for Install/Update AddChild should only be done on init shown buttons always need to be added to frame.buttonsScroll.children
  • Import tooltip: remove "Source:" This make it easier to have correct position for urlEditBox for all locales
  • don't reset swing timer on Steady Shot
  • Support "Action Queued" for classic/tbc Templates update skills Heroic Strike, Cleave, Raptor Strike and Maul
  • fix WeakAurasTemplates.toc
  • add a new section "Ready for Update" change "Ready to Import" to "Ready for Import" remove companion update code from WeakAurasDisplayButton rename PendingImport to PendingInstall refactor show/hide tooltips on button widgets don't use skipWagoUpdate anymore
  • make url text of import tooltip frame selectable for copy
  • some spell reset both ranged & melee weapon timer
  • fix glow anchor for aurabar property name was duplicated
  • missing brackets
  • clean duplicates in FakeWeakAurasMixin.blockedFunctions
  • fix MAXNUMTALENTS nil error on classic
  • fix talents on TBC
  • support change in structure of WeakAurasCompanion data and add nil checks fix pendingImportButton not hiding
  • GetSpellCount return correct value now
  • paladin update
  • update druid
  • warrior update
  • add MAXNUMTALENTS to .luacheckrc
  • priest update
  • rogue update
  • hunter update
  • warlock update
  • mage update
  • shaman template update
  • fix tbc talents MAXNUMTALENTS is 20 in classic, 40 in tbc
  • split templates data