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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 9.0.5


3.2.3-77-g9ceda731 (2021-04-18)

Full Changelog

InfusOnWoW (4):

  • Fix UnitIsVisible check on raid roster changes
  • Classic: Add Other to the potential raid roles
  • Fix scamCheck to ignore empty custom functions
  • Fix WeakAuras.prettyPrint to print more than one argument

NilkemoryaOryhara (3):

  • Add most TBC 1s cast time drums to not reset swing timer (#3022)
  • TBC/Classic bomb and grenade additions (#3008)
  • Swing timer fixes

Stanzilla (31):

  • Fix logic check and use not IsRetail instead of Classic/TBC
  • Add TODOs for temp bc hacks
  • CI: touch up wow.tools script
  • CI: Cleanup and send tag to WowI as well
  • Use our LibRangeCheck-2.0 fork until original is updated
  • Update IsFlavor() functions for new BC build changes
  • Update version check for latest BC build
  • CI: Publish BC to CurseForge as well
  • CI: only skip packager zip creation when not on a tag
  • CI: zip packager zip creation and use the action for it
  • CI: Upload the zip directly
  • Change Prototypes check to not isRetail
  • Convert all not classic checks to is retail checks
  • Add hack for WOWPROJECTID being the same as Classic part 2
  • Fix packager logic for Classic libs part 2
  • Fix packager logic for Classic libs
  • Add hack for WOWPROJECTID being the same as Classic
  • Load Classic specific libs from the TOC instead of the XML so the packager can handle the BC check
  • Use normal .pkgmeta for BC
  • WOWPROJECTID is "2" for BC
  • Fix typo
  • Fix packager logic
  • Add vscode folder to gitignore
  • Fix typo in PR CI
  • Add WOWPROJECTBC to .luacheckrc
  • Use the beta build CI for BC for now
  • Initial support for BC
  • Keep the old issue template around until we are accepted into the new issue system test
  • try the new GitHub issue template

Vardex (6):

  • Prepare CommonOptions for Nested
  • Replace ApplyToDataOrChildData with Traverse
  • Icon Options + Icon Picker: Prepare for nested
  • Make ClearAndUpdateOptions work for nested
  • Prepare AuthorOptions for nested
  • Add function that iterate over all childrens recursively

mrbuds (33):

  • fix usage of LibClassicSpellActionCount-1.0 for bc
  • fixes more wow version test
  • fix issues with WOWPROJECTBURNINGCRUSADECLASSIC not defined on classic/retail
  • fix WeakAuras.UnitCastingInfo
  • make WeakAuras.UnitChannelInfo not check WoW version on each call
  • make intendedWoWProject use a specific vallue for TBC if not loaded on TBC
  • fix classic or bc logic in a few places
  • fix time formatting
  • steady shot doesn't reset ranged swing timer
  • fix LibRangeCheck-2.0 packaging better
  • fix LibRangeCheck-2.0 packaging
  • update pull_request.yml for bc
  • update build-beta.yml
  • use .pkgmeta-bc
  • typo
  • fix wrongTargetMessage logic
  • more neutral message
  • fix wrongTargetMessage for tbc
  • fix CorrectSpellName for tbc
  • combat log events return correct spellid now
  • reset swing timer on shoots & don't reset on dense dynamite
  • UnitCastingInfo & UnitChannelInfo doesn't return "notInterruptible"
  • more trigger fixes
  • Disable triggers made for retail
  • fix load conditions
  • fix models
  • no vehicle on tbc
  • set Types.lua for BC
  • fix combat log trigger
  • fix scanForLoadsImpl
  • use tbc wowhead link
  • fix some lua errors
  • Weapon Enchant trigger: update on PLAYEREQUIPMENTCHANGED for classic/tbc