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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 9.0.5


3.1.9-48-g5dea7cce (2021-03-09)

Full Changelog

Anssi Mäkinen (1):

  • Fix Modernize for time format with non-dynamic decimal precision

Casey Raethke (1):

  • Add 'Mine' affilation to combat log flag prototype (#2923)

InfusOnWoW (34):

  • Fix creating Model Aura from Template for a Ability
  • Fix issue with infinite auras and multi tragging
  • Fix new Auras with BuffTrigger2 trigger
  • Trigger Templates Classic: Fix two errors in last round
  • Don't clear region.states/region.state to early
  • Text: Slightly simplify code
  • Fix ContainsPlaceHolder considering \n a placeholder
  • Fix Texts not being displayed
  • Fix Modernize to not modify data while iterating over it
  • Fix nil errors in dynamic conditions
  • Make BuffTrigger 2 hide the per match checks if not applicable
  • Weapon Enchant: Hide remaining time/stacks option if they don't work
  • Don't pretend texts with \n contain placeholders
  • Fix small issue in Conditions custom error description
  • Remove region.justCreated which is unused
  • Fix some errors in Templates on Classic
  • Make Time Formats more flexible
  • Icon/AuraBar: Make thumbnail icon resilent against certain data
  • Fixup misleading text
  • Fix remaining time check event to extra clones for nameplate trigger
  • Fix Crit Chance in Character Stats trigger
  • Improve Talent Load Option
  • Improve Talent trigger
  • Add a "Alive" load option
  • Fix the merged zone id load option
  • Improve layout around Item Load Option
  • Fix number load options with strings
  • Add Duplicate conditions feature
  • Merge zone id and zone group id load options
  • Fix typo in Stop Motion description
  • Workaround UnitStagger returning nil
  • Slight improvement in readable trigger function
  • Change trigger ui categorization
  • Fix matching of strings which include --

Kevin Krol (1):

  • Fix target type check to compare against a string

Ryan Delk (1):

  • docs: fix broken links to extensions

Stanzilla (2):

  • Update TOC for Patch 9.0.5
  • Update WeakAurasModelPaths from wow.tools

mrbuds (8):

  • fix combat log trigger's icon for classic
  • delete update-modelpaths branch after closing PR
  • fix CancelClose
  • add rotation slider and mouse interaction for preview
  • add a searchbox to model picker
  • Update WeakAurasModelPaths from wow.tools
  • WeakAurasModelPaths update script from wow.tools
  • Cast trigger: add latency overlay (#2900)