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    Nov 5, 2020
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 9.0.1


3.0.5-36-g0063d2e4 (2020-11-05)

Full Changelog

InfusOnWoW (32):

  • Fix TexturePicker drop down
  • Options: Show a arrow pointing to offscreen auras
  • BT2 Multi: Guard against a empty string for count check
  • Fix anchoring of MoverSizer to Groups
  • Add missing conversion code for IconSource
  • Fix Importing from chat if Options were never opened
  • Tweak Custom Variables validation
  • Add missing file
  • Add a Lock Positions button in the toolbar
  • Improve Item Bonus Id checks
  • Fix BarModels breaking if hidden at 0 width
  • In the Item Bonus ID actually list legendaries for the current spec
  • Add a "None" choice to Covenants
  • Validate Custom Variables
  • Simplify AddCodeOption api
  • Don't send overlay glow event if weakauras is paused
  • Fix Group's selfPoint
  • Use the right states for dynamic conditions
  • Use browse icon in more places
  • Allow selectiong Icon Source/Icon via Conditions
  • Fix adding new aura without a time condition not unscheduling old check
  • Fix removing a condition check not calling modify
  • Fix wrong argument in call to ClearAndUpdateOptions in AuraBar.lua
  • Don't error on trying to import a update
  • Fix models not showing up in some cases
  • Resize the WeakAuras window if it's bigger than the screen
  • Make WA_Utf8Sub resilent against trying to format numbers
  • Fix errors in opening TextEditor for Custom Checks
  • Fix importing icon auras before the Options were opened
  • Add the Error Frame as a destination for messages
  • Templates: Fix Slice and Dice
  • Fix parent for custom anchoring

Stanzilla (3):

  • Update README.md
  • Formatting and cleanup
  • Change Discord server link

mrbuds (1):

  • Classic: add support for MAINTANK and MAINASSIST filter (#2636)