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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 9.0.1


3.0.5 (2020-10-25)

Full Changelog


  • A few small new features and bug fixes


Anssi Mäkinen (1):

  • Fix leaked global in Character Stats trigger

InfusOnWoW (15):

  • Create less PlayerModels
  • Fix ModelPicker for BarModels and multi selection
  • Fix TexturePicker for Ticks + multi select
  • Conditions: Fix recheck time scheduling with Else if
  • Fixes remaining time check for Weapon Enchant trigger
  • Remove the capping of alpha while Options are open
  • Cooldown Progress: Rename Stacks to Charges
  • Weapon Enchant trigger: Default to Question Mark icon
  • Fix conditions listing too many variables
  • Fix error in Spell Known trigger
  • Add One handed Axes to weapon types
  • Fix bar model's alpha bein overwritten by PreShowModel
  • Fix Spell Activation Overlay trigger
  • Rename a few anchor options
  • Bufftrigger 2: Fix total stack count

Stanzilla (6):

  • Don't try to load covenant stuff on classic
  • Add new feature indicator to item type equipped load condition
  • Add new feature indicator for charged combo points
  • Add new feature indicator to covenant load option
  • Add Covenant Load Option (#2615)
  • Update bug_report.md

mrbuds (6):

  • remove debug print
  • set default animation to "loop" instead of "progress
  • parse StopMotion texture settings from filename implement #2356 format of filename has to be "name.x[1-9]+y[1-9]+f[1-9]+.(tga|blp)" where x is number of rows, y number of columns, and f number of frames
  • add spell activation overlays added with wow 8.1.5
  • fix nil error when using "Class Colors" addon CUSTOMCLASSCOLORS table does not have the method WrapTextInColorCode
  • better fix for omnicc error