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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 8.3.0


2.17.0-beta2 (2020-04-11)

Full Changelog


Second beta of 2.17.0


ForsakenNGS (1):

  • Added option to supply pure text tooltips (#2076)

Grim (1):

  • Allow WA Updates from chat links. (#2085)

InfusOnWoW (18):

  • Workaround China's overeager profanity filter
  • Fix Models on Icons
  • Classic: Fix SAY/YELL not being prevented outside of instances
  • Glow External Element Conditions: Fix multi selection
  • Fix pencil descriptions not layouting correctly
  • Fix Profession Cooldowns if they are on cooldown before login
  • BuffTrigger: Fix bug in filtering scan functions
  • Fix a few more instances of missing nil checks,
  • Wrap calls to customTestFunctions defined in conditionTest into xpcall
  • Add missing file
  • Tweak Pencil Options to make the whole line clickable
  • BuffTrigger2: Fix small issues
  • Fix Model on AuraBars
  • Model: Fix bug where a released model was not properly released
  • Fix typo
  • Fix totalStacks calculation for multi bufftriggers
  • BuffTrigger2: Remove unused strings
  • Prevent auras from being hidden while the options are open

Sanluli36li (1):

  • Add Text's Automatic Width and Word Warp for Subtext

asaka-wa (2):

  • Universal animation easing (#2087)
  • Eased translate animations (#2080)

mrbuds (5):

  • stance trigger: fix multi and simplify the code GetShapeshiftForm() seems to be working for classic now
  • update classic toc interface version to 11304 where it was missing
  • remove previous glow before applying a new one
  • improve flow of glow external element conditions & actions
  • [WIP] Auto re-anchor unitframes & slightly different anchors for nameplates addons (#2070)