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    Mar 11, 2020
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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 8.3.0


2.16.6-43-ge18da67 (2020-03-11)

Full Changelog

InfusOnWoW (22):

  • BT2: Add support for filtering by class
  • SubText: Fix anchor collapsed description
  • Fix dynamic group limit option slightly diffrently
  • AuthorOptions: Fix Move out of group
  • CLEU: Add the isOffHand check for _MISSED
  • Fix dynamic group limit option
  • BuffTrigger2: Add "party", "raid" to the existing group support
  • Fix deleting sub texts with conditions that don't have a property set
  • Rework Unit Type Triggers
  • BT2: Hide Filter by Group Role on classic
  • Add a shaking entry animation
  • Fix times showing up on reused icons
  • Blacklist two M+ affixes that were never used
  • Icon: Hide the cooldown widget in modify
  • Icon Cooldown: Disable the bling
  • Fix bling showing on updating timers
  • Templates: Add Chaos Strike
  • Simplify force_events a bit
  • BarModel: Fix interaction between parent alpha and model alpha
  • DynamicGroups: Fix text placement not adjusting to text dimensions
  • Fix Character Stats trigger MoveSpeed
  • Fix Zone load option

Stanzilla (2):

  • Update ForAllIndentsAndPurposes
  • Fix classic pkgmeta

emptyrivers (3):

  • Allow separators to force a "page break" in custom options
  • clear authormode on any child imports too
  • compare value to value, not table containing value

mrbuds (15):

  • remove LibTotemInfo (totem api restored with 1.13.4)
  • bump toc version for classic to 11304
  • Classic: Combat Log trigger: re-add spellId compare the name for the spell id
  • Health & Power triggers: fix division per 0
  • Fix Unit status triggers:
  • fix auras anchored to an other aura
  • fix anchorPoint name with new anchors option
  • re-anchor on expand if aura was already shown
  • disable unitframe & nameplate anchor options from group & dynamicgroup
  • call AnchorFrame only on Expand for anchors that require data from clone
  • add nameplate and unitframe anchors for auras
  • Restore print profile binding text
  • stop swing timer when a cast is started fixes #2005 (#2006)
  • Show realtime visual graph of profiling (#1949)
  • add lastest mythicplusaffixes (should be almost future proof)

nullKomplex (1):

  • Make Cooldown Progress (Equipment slot) able to use Mainhand and Offhand on retail.