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    Dec 21, 2019
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.2.5


2.15.5-59-gf54fe1f (2019-12-21)

Full Changelog

InfusOnWoW (34):

  • Fix various small issues with Bar glows
  • Warn about untrackable units in BuffTrigger2
  • Warn against too long up times if that prevents scheduling timers
  • Model: Don't call SetCamera
  • Rewrite Model regions and thumbnail handling
  • Fix BarModel alpha not working in some cases
  • Point users to twitch support
  • Make the title width scale with the length of the version string
  • Glow.lua: Don't load old Masque versions
  • Fix FrameStrata for dynamic groups
  • Fix anchoring of borders/glows on masque skins
  • Fix error for condition in options
  • Replace localized raid markers in text with locale-independant strings
  • Fix toolbar/search box visible
  • Also use ReplaceRaidMarkerSymbols in Text
  • squash into toolbar
  • Add Raid Markers support to SubText
  • Fix WeakAuras.difficulty_info to have a entry for normal
  • Add more Options to Status/Conditions
  • Add a "toolbar" to the WeakAuras window
  • Add a total duration check to bufftrigger2
  • Add a "hostility" check to the CLEU trigger
  • Fix Truncating Fonts after game launch
  • Add a exact spell id option to the spell known load option
  • Fix %p in Aura Preview sometimes going missing
  • Fix overlays not being updated in some edge cases
  • Readd a gcd check for Item Cooldowns
  • Set Max/Min Progress: Add a relative mode to it
  • Totem: Add a pattern match trigger option
  • Add WIKI links to TextEditor
  • Remove a call to ActivateChild that is not needed
  • Glow
  • Fix border anchoring
  • Remove unused UpdateAnchor from various sub elements

LiangYuxuan (1):

  • fix typo

Stanzilla (3):

  • Fix classic check
  • Update Issue Template
  • Rename button widget and add GameFontNormal to luacheckrc

emptyrivers (7):

  • also bump workflow target version
  • toc bump
  • Fix feature request template
  • adjust repair tool buttons
  • ignore desktop.ini
  • add control for hiding reorder entry controls
  • add array entry naming feature

mrbuds (13):

  • reposition children of dynamic group on unitframes on GETFRAME_REFRES… (#1864)
  • remove totem triggers of classic templates
  • disable Totem trigger for classic
  • Add "Queued Action" trigger for classic fixes #1628
  • remove the "Delete" option for groups fixes #1841
  • fix petbehaviortypes for classic
  • templates: fix glow
  • Power trigger: update spell cost on UNITSPELLCASTSUCCEEDED fixes #1822
  • Classic templates
  • fix nil error in "Charges Changed (Spell)" trigger (#1828)
  • Use proper callbacks for classic libraries (#1821)
  • Classic: Use LibClassicDurations's UnitAuraDirect instead of Un… (#1816)
  • fix stance trigger when form checkbox is not selected fixes #1805

nullKomplex (1):

  • Re-add Range Check to Classic. (#1839)