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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.2.5


2.15.0 (2019-09-24)

Full Changelog


  • Tons of Bug fixes
  • A new experimental repair tool (details soon(TM))
  • PvP talents in Templates
  • New feature to add models to progress bar textures


Ian Kerins (1):

  • Fix typo

InfusOnWoW (25):

  • Fix error in UnloadAll (#1722)
  • Fix conditions not untriggering in certain conditions
  • Fix Modernize for auras that don't have a set anchor for text
  • BuffTrigger2: Fix maxUnitCount if there are no matches
  • Author Options: Fix multiline option author
  • Fix ContainsPlaceHolder to consider \n a placeholder
  • Fix Spec Role load option.
  • Fix lua error on wrong input into variables (#1701)
  • Fix Icon.lua using L before it's defined
  • Use new staticId api from Masque
  • Add a default property for Sub Elements Conditions
  • Fix Paste Condition Options
  • Fix Cooldown ready tracking
  • Bufftrigger 2: Fix matching against tooltip on initial scan
  • Model: Fix regression in "unit" mode
  • Add PVP Talents
  • Add Position/Facing/Transform settings to BarModel
  • Fix errors on entering a path
  • Disable BarModel for classic
  • BuffTriger2: Fix nameplate group unit somewhat
  • Add a text_justify option to SubText
  • Make SetDurationInfo hack work for stacks
  • Fix regression in Model animation
  • Model for AuraBar sub element
  • Add some headers to the sub elements section

Stanzilla (10):

  • switch all github links in pkgmetas to https format
  • add discord notifications for build failures
  • Update TOC for Patch 8.25
  • Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md
  • fix packaging for retail
  • enable uploading again
  • use GitHub Actions v2 instead of TravisCI (#1646)
  • semicolon police
  • don't hide font and font size in the pencil
  • now that sticky.duration is gone, we can optimize this code path a bit (#1653)

Vardex (1):

  • Improve Weapon Enchant Trigger (#1649)

emptyrivers (4):

  • guard against inf/nan in %t text replacement
  • Add Experimental Repair Tool (#1648)
  • don't package modelpaths for WeakAuras classic
  • use min/max/etc for range slider

mrbuds (15):

  • fix nil error in UnloadAll #1723
  • fix ranged swing timer on retail
  • fix potential error with text subregion with nil text_justify (#1710)
  • disable Health trigger overlays in Classic
  • fix nil error in Action Usable spellInRange condition #1697 (#1698)
  • fix nil error when clicking minimize button #1677
  • fix "set parent to anchor" option for custom anchors fixes #1651
  • fix error when importing power trigger for stagger on classic (#1664)
  • fix inverse cast trigger force events solve issue when closing options or with load condition in combat
  • force_events can be a table
  • fix cast trigger events for classic
  • don't load environment of children for custom anchor function (#1626)
  • disable autocast shine for classic fix #1624
  • Use Square_FullWhite.tga as default for borders
  • fix WA_GetUnitAura for classic