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Supported WoW Retail Versions

  • 8.2.0


2.14.0 (2019-08-23)

Full Changelog


  • This is our first release for Classis WoW, read our blog post about this includes over here
  • Borders and Texts are now sub elements, you can add as many of them as you want to your auras
  • Texts now support returning information from other triggers, for example you can use %2.s to display the stacks of the 2nd trigger, %3.s for the third and so on.
  • Tons of more customization options for texts, offsets were requested very often
  • So many bug fixes that I actually lost count
  • Settings UI overhaul, use the pencil button to find more advanced features!
  • Allow usage of multi units (nameplate, boss, arena, group) by custom and generic triggers
  • Groups & Dynamic Groups no longer have a generated thumbnail, you can chose your own icons for them!
  • Dynamic group's growers have a new option "Group by Frame", it can be "unit frame", "nameplates" or a custom function.
  • And so much more, there will be blog posts!


InfusOnWoW (38):

  • Treat font tooltips in a special way
  • Show all text replacments in tooltip
  • Don't use deprecated functions
  • Fix anchor frame for regions inside a dynamic group
  • Fix importing leading to fake timers being reapplied repeately
  • Hide CLEU_CUSTOM event from custom triggers
  • Fix combined editing in corner cases
  • AuraBar: Include Icon in foreground frame level
  • Optimize various calls to ScanForLoads
  • Rewrite Border as a sub element (#1588)
  • Add UNIT_FLAGS to vehicle events
  • DynamicGroup: Anchor normal controlPoints to region again
  • Add a item equipped load option
  • Optimize load event handling
  • Sub elements: Adjust frame levels
  • Increase compability with auras that attached to nameplates via code
  • BuffTrigger 2: Fix triggers not activating/deactivating in the same moment
  • Fix continous anchoring if a anchoring is post poned
  • Fix first frame of SubText
  • Add a "Show GCD" option to Cooldown Progress (Item/Equipment Slot)
  • Fix WeakAuras.ContainsPlaceholders to correctly handle %2.p
  • Add a advanced spec load option
  • Conditions: Active trigger check: Don't rely on state.show
  • Ensure that we don't run init functions for auras that are not shown
  • Fix glow size for non masque users
  • Tweak new subtexts
  • Fix SetJustfiyH call
  • Item Count: Make %s return the count
  • Fix unit change events for pets
  • Generic Trigger: Fix specific unit not showing up in some cases
  • Fix cooldown showing up if a icon gets reused
  • Sanitize attaching texts to aurabars
  • Fix Copy/Paste Dispaly to not copy display/group settings
  • Ensure the fake PRD frame actually shows up in the options
  • Add PLAYERENTERINGWORLD to a few status/conditions triggers
  • Switch inputs to custom text function
  • Fix Modernize code
  • Rework text handling and introduce the concept of sub regions

Krucifom (4):

  • fix my shit and disable "Garrote - silence" debuff for classic
  • Add some rogue buff/debuff/ability for classic
  • Ignore classic section when copying Spells into classic section
  • disable some rogue buff/debuff for WoW classic

Lag (1):

  • fix import error with escape from < and >

Stanzilla (24):

  • Revert "temp fix our locale submissions"
  • babelfish: generate file list instead of using hardcoded
  • fix typo in WA_ClassColorName
  • Revert "fix import error with escape from < and >"
  • changelog-script: double quote for safety
  • support environment files in the translation script and add it to gitignore
  • temp fix our locale submissions
  • fix non-retail packager replacement
  • fix libcustomglow repo path
  • fix a typo
  • rename icon pencil text
  • colorize extra options string for triggers
  • capitalize a few strings and call it extra options for glow as well
  • fix a typo
  • add 8.2 weapon enchants to templates
  • change all sub(0,) calls to sub(1,)
  • replace SetItemRef instead of HandleModifiedItemClick and SetHyperlink to prevent Interface action failed errors
  • styling and use prettyPrint
  • fix ESC key on profiling dialog
  • friendly neighborhood semicolon purge
  • Use UIPanelCloseButton here as well
  • don't try to load ModelPicker frame on classic
  • Revert "install realpath on travis"
  • install realpath on travis

emptyrivers (19):

  • default to height of 1 (#1585)
  • also return empty string if user gives us a junk unit id
  • also don't make WA_ClassColorName not do what it's supposed to
  • label various custom codes
  • robust-ify WA_ClassColor name
  • move new glow feature indicators into subtree
  • remove stale feature indicators
  • allow string custom option to give a multiline edit box
  • ensure that consistency checks are done on children of auras which thought they were a child
  • grab installed uid after running Add()
  • enhance parent-child validation
  • shut down WeakAuras if it was installed on a target it was not packaged for
  • Add history collection
  • remove obsolete migration
  • provide a more informative message when the login thread fails
  • merge migrations into one block
  • resort any region which is changed
  • improve multiselect validation
  • ensure option key exists before trying to say it exists

mrbuds (52):

  • set moversizer strata just above region strata
  • transmission: use old method for getting bnetfriend data on 8.2 and classic
  • Border subregion: set default anchor to "bar" for aurabar
  • increase moversizer strata fix issue with moversizer not clickable when region strata >= "HIGH"
  • disable templates for classic
  • don't show error message for unknown spells
  • classic: use LibClassicCasterino for cast trigger
  • classic combo points: fix division per 0 for class with no combo points
  • fix load condition error on classic
  • CLEU: fix ignored parameter on classic for SPELL/RANGE/DAMAGE prefix
  • CLEU trigger: disable spellId field for classic #1540
  • war stomp reset melee swing timer
  • Cooldown Spell trigger: guard against nil error when copying aura from retail to classic (#1539)
  • classic: removed "Spell Activation Overlay" trigger
  • Cast trigger: only unit=player for classic for now Remove support for LibClassicCast
  • classic: improve support for libClassicDurations
  • fix typo in stance trigger
  • default value for 2 columns widget
  • fix stance trigger on retail
  • fix potential issue with UnitFullName returning nil value for realm
  • fix specId load condition
  • add missing LibGetFrame to .pkgmeta-classic
  • No Texture Tweaks
  • Icon: tweak icon extra options
  • Icon extra settings: show "None" if nothing changed
  • AuraBar: move color settings before icon settings
  • SubRegions: Add Sub Regions => Add Extra Elements
  • SubText: 1. Text => Text 1
  • SubText: Visible => Show Text
  • glow condition: visibility => show glow
  • fix glow identwidth
  • fix subtext indentwidth
  • Allow usage of multi units (nameplate, boss, arena, group) by custom and generic triggers - exemple of event for a TSU: UNITSPELLCASTSTART:nameplate
  • Cast trigger: fix events for nameplates
  • make profiling data accessible from 3rd party
  • add pencil options for icons
  • add ability to set own group icon
  • improve border options layout
  • add ending header line between 2 collapsible groups fix #1465 moved and renamed some icon display options
  • Add anchoring to nameplates and unitframes or custom for dynamic groups - require state property unit - new dependency LibGetFrame accesible from WeakAuras.GetUnitFrame - custom function take 2 parameters: frames and activeRegions it return a table [frame or ""][regionData] = { x, y, show } where if frame == "" it anchor to the dynamic group region
  • Use same border options for dynamic group as normal groups Cleaner default border / backdrop settings
  • fix SetItemRef taint
  • add some druid spells
  • classic: ignore modelPicker from minimize button
  • cast trigger: fix cast bar hide on random button press
  • fix classic load conditions
  • another attempt at fixing packager condition in embeds.xml with this change libclassicdurations & libclassiccast needs to be installed standalone with dev non-packaged build
  • fix wrong packager condition for embeds.xml
  • remove LibRangeCheck-2.0 and disactivate "Range Check" trigger for classic
  • fix embeds.xml & .toc files packaging conditions for classic
  • Cast Trigger: add meta units "group", "arena", "boss", "nameplate" (#1436)
  • WoW Classic compatibility (#1347)