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    Aug 19, 2019
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.2.0


2.14.0-beta5-24-gc61702a (2019-08-19)

Full Changelog

Krucifom (4):

  • fix my shit and disable "Garrote - silence" debuff for classic
  • Add some rogue buff/debuff/ability for classic
  • Ignore classic section when copying Spells into classic section
  • disable some rogue buff/debuff for WoW classic

Stanzilla (5):

  • fix typo in WA_ClassColorName
  • Revert "fix import error with escape from < and >"
  • changelog-script: double quote for safety
  • support environment files in the translation script and add it to gitignore
  • temp fix our locale submissions

emptyrivers (11):

  • default to height of 1 (#1585)
  • also return empty string if user gives us a junk unit id
  • also don't make WA_ClassColorName not do what it's supposed to
  • label various custom codes
  • robust-ify WA_ClassColor name
  • move new glow feature indicators into subtree
  • remove stale feature indicators
  • allow string custom option to give a multiline edit box
  • ensure that consistency checks are done on children of auras which thought they were a child
  • grab installed uid after running Add()
  • enhance parent-child validation

mrbuds (4):

  • disable templates for classic
  • don't show error message for unknown spells
  • classic: use LibClassicCasterino for cast trigger
  • classic combo points: fix division per 0 for class with no combo points