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    Jul 20, 2019
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.2.0


2.13.4-37-ge033f21 (2019-07-20)

Full Changelog

InfusOnWoW (17):

  • Add a advanced spec load option
  • Conditions: Active trigger check: Don't rely on state.show
  • Ensure that we don't run init functions for auras that are not shown
  • Fix glow size for non masque users
  • Tweak new subtexts
  • Fix SetJustfiyH call
  • Item Count: Make %s return the count
  • Fix unit change events for pets
  • Generic Trigger: Fix specific unit not showing up in some cases
  • Fix cooldown showing up if a icon gets reused
  • Sanitize attaching texts to aurabars
  • Fix Copy/Paste Dispaly to not copy display/group settings
  • Ensure the fake PRD frame actually shows up in the options
  • Add PLAYERENTERINGWORLD to a few status/conditions triggers
  • Switch inputs to custom text function
  • Fix Modernize code
  • Rework text handling and introduce the concept of sub regions

Stanzilla (9):

  • change all sub(0,) calls to sub(1,)
  • replace SetItemRef instead of HandleModifiedItemClick and SetHyperlink to prevent Interface action failed errors
  • styling and use prettyPrint
  • fix ESC key on profiling dialog
  • friendly neighborhood semicolon purge
  • Use UIPanelCloseButton here as well
  • don't try to load ModelPicker frame on classic
  • Revert "install realpath on travis"
  • install realpath on travis

emptyrivers (2):

  • improve multiselect validation
  • ensure option key exists before trying to say it exists

mrbuds (9):

  • classic: ignore modelPicker from minimize button
  • cast trigger: fix cast bar hide on random button press
  • fix classic load conditions
  • another attempt at fixing packager condition in embeds.xml with this change libclassicdurations & libclassiccast needs to be installed standalone with dev non-packaged build
  • fix wrong packager condition for embeds.xml
  • remove LibRangeCheck-2.0 and disactivate "Range Check" trigger for classic
  • fix embeds.xml & .toc files packaging conditions for classic
  • Cast Trigger: add meta units "group", "arena", "boss", "nameplate" (#1436)
  • WoW Classic compatibility (#1347)