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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.1.5


2.12.0 (2019-04-26)

Full Changelog


  • Aura Snapping: A new feature to help you move around and anchor your auras on your screen. Read more about it in this blog post.
  • Dynamic Groups Rewrite: Dynamic Groups have been rewritten from the ground up for better performance and new features. Read more about it in this blog post.
  • You can now duplicate whole groups!
  • Buff tracking now allows you to select multiple debuff classes!
  • The usual round of bug fixes and improvements!


InfusOnWoW (23):

  • Fix tooltip frame not having a parent and thus eating mouse events (#1287)
  • BuffTrigger2: Add code to recheck auras on PLAYERENTERINGWORLD (#1280)
  • fix error on data.progressPrecision = -0 (#1277)
  • Fix stupid errors
  • BuffTrigger2: Fix GUID
  • Wrap Anchoring in pcall and show a somewhat descriptive error message
  • Removing the "Hide: Custom" option from most triggers
  • BuffTrigger2: Fix UpdateMatchData not detecting changes in debuffClass
  • Revert "Make cooldown tracking work like in 2.11.3"
  • Add a bit of profiling around custom text update via "trigger update"
  • Add more magic to TwoColumnSelectionBox
  • Add PLAYERENTERINGWORLD to isMounted check
  • Remove duplicated functions introduced in fa75abcc
  • Don't use magic "/" in displayname, instead use a array
  • Fix UnitIsUnit check to check both units
  • Make Spell Charges use GetSpellCount in more cases
  • Make cooldown tracking work like in 2.11.3
  • Optimize Unit Change events for units that have no events
  • Reset the smooth progress value just before showing a progress bar
  • Fix models not showing up
  • Add a Selection ComboBox that can show a two depth hierarchy
  • Fix showing/enabling of various precions/custom text options
  • Icon: Make "Show Cooldown Text" toggle work with OmniCC

Nightwarden24 (5):

  • Refactor class and race types; drop the "LibBabble-Race-3.0" library
  • Fix PR #1237
  • Refactor class and race types; drop the "LibBabble-Race-3.0" library
  • Use global (Blizzard) strings instead of localized for some types
  • Register the "Fira Mono Medium" font for RU

Stanzilla (8):

  • sort .luacheckrc entries a-z
  • move remaining inline luacheck globals to the rc file
  • add discord notifications for when builds fail
  • remove debug print
  • improve changelog generating script
  • stricter luacheck on the CI
  • fix botched revert
  • Revert Refactor class and race types; drop the "LibBabble-Race-3.0" library

emptyrivers (18):

  • add new feature indicator
  • remove unnecessary AnchorFrame call. (#1300)
  • Custom Grow & Sort (#1272)
  • collect errors from login thread (#1286)
  • regenerate option name and key if necessary (#1281)
  • add new feature indicator
  • tweak thumbnail code AGAIN
  • remove duplicated fields in table constructors
  • Add Dynamic Group grid layout
  • set dynamic group selfPoint again (#1231)
  • move data.expanded to our collapsed data paradigm
  • Add arc length option
  • add limit option
  • don't reset option name and option key
  • set option max to the max, not the min
  • guard against nil (#1220)
  • Optimize and rewrite dynamic groups
  • Add PCRE2 to vscode settings

mrbuds (23):

  • fix Cast trigger with inverse = true not showing correctly after loggin
  • Template: fix victory rush
  • Template: add buff = true for Arcane Power
  • Crucible of Storms encounter ids (#1289)
  • Fix tooltip frame not having a parent for AuraBar (#1288)
  • check icon visibility for tooltip (fix #1283) (#1284)
  • fix auras with strata=TOOLTIP highjacking cursor's clicks (#1270)
  • BuffTrigger2: multiselect for buffclass (#1266)
  • don't require a reloadui for updating uiscale
  • Clear region scripts on hiding options and disable mouse (#1264)
  • Add alignment snapping for auras and groups (#1254)
  • BT2: add matchCountPerUnit text and condition
  • BT2: add debuffClass condition
  • BigWigs trigger: fix error when checking remainingTime
  • change position of movers when they get out of screen
  • add buttons for moving auras by 1 pixel (#1250)
  • template: fix icefury load condition
  • sanitize more input
  • use C_Texture.GetAtlasInfo instead of GetAtlasInfo GetAtlasInfo will be removed next expansion
  • sanitize more input #1244
  • Update bug_report.md
  • optimize and fix parenting issue on WeakAuras.DuplicateAura
  • Allow duplicate on groups (#1226)