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    Dec 17, 2018
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.1.0


2.10.10-18-g5a1b460 (2018-12-17)

Full Changelog

InfusOnWoW (5):

  • Fix SetRegion hiding groups
  • Remove the chat filterFunc for guild chat
  • Print a error message on trying to share a aura via guild chat
  • Remove SetWidth workarounds for texts
  • Fix isStealable check for BuffTrigger 2

emptyrivers (3):

  • Teach SetRegion to create regions initially hidden
  • remove duplicated function
  • guarantee uid on all auras

mrbuds (10):

  • template: fix aura active = glow when trigger use Show On = Aura Found
  • BuffTrigger2 "ownOnly" also match pet as source
  • fix Call Lightning template
  • Icon region: use cooldownSwipe for spells with charges
  • fix migration error
  • match companion data with uid instead of url moved update matching to HasUpdate()
  • check that WeakAurasCompanion is loaded before RefreshGroupUpdateIcon
  • add skipWagoUpdate & ignoreWagoUpdate to WeakAuras.internal_fields
  • move version from wago url to it's own field and bump internalVersion
  • add an indicator on Groups to show if there is an update from Wago in his childs