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    Oct 26, 2018
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.0.1


2.8.1-48-g06fd83f (2018-10-26)

Full Changelog

Allen Faure (10):

  • tweak glow options
  • fix for masque users
  • also allow glow action to use both custom and default glow color
  • add option to use default color
  • drop LibButtonGlow, and show glow color options for button overlay glow
  • add new feature indicators
  • Implement new glow type
  • add NewFeatureString string to weakauras object
  • remove 2 redundant table keys
  • change tooltip phrase

Buds (7):

  • shift-selection: fix duplicates in tempGroup
  • set event triggers default value, duration="1" and unevent="timed"
  • fix template for "Steady Aim" azerite trait
  • fix Group & Ungroup with multi-selection (#837)
  • fix blank screen when picking an aura that need scrolling to show it's button ticket #819
  • multi-selection of auras with shift modifier (#812)
  • templates: new buffId for abilities that put a buff or debuff with a different spellId DeathKnight fix for all specs

Infus (27):

  • Fix regression in trigger options for custom hide
  • Use KuiNameplatesPlayerAnchor for kui nameplates
  • Fix interaction between scaling and circular progress textures
  • Fix group triggers unloading
  • Update tooltip infos in matchData if we fetched them
  • Fix interaction between MoverSizer and combat
  • Clean matchDataChanged on closing the Options
  • Fix Implementation of Unit Exists
  • Fix layout problem with "Auras missing"
  • Make debuff type available again
  • Adjust icon to show in the options
  • Fix garbarge creation in Icon::UpdateSize
  • Fix error on showing tooltip for a message filed on a group
  • Fix deactivation of conditions on collapsing clones
  • Add Divine Purpose to Templates
  • Fix inverse condition not applying immediatly
  • Fix Talent Selected trigger
  • Add textures from Yuuseki provided in the art-contest
  • Add textures provided by Rehok as part of the Art-Contest
  • Add Striped Bar by Rehok
  • Add Deezo's Full White and Triangle textures
  • Add Asakawa's rainbow bar
  • Add sounds by Piffz / Joakim Norström
  • Guard against mistakes in the custom variables input
  • Revert "Tweak dynFrame timings (#818)"
  • On opening the Options: Show the same auras again
  • Fixed texts attached to the PRD

InfusOnWoW (1):

  • BuffTrigger Rewrite (#755)

Irame (1):

  • Change Zoom property by Condition (#804)

Patrick M (1):

  • added spell IDs of spirit pets (#833)

emptyrivers (1):

  • Tweak dynFrame timings (#818)