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    Sep 10, 2018
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.0.1


2.7.7-30-g52e320d (2018-09-10)

Full Changelog

Allen Faure (14):

  • revert back to lazy aura environment creation
  • Create an Aura Environment for group regions as well.
  • remove extra newline
  • move aura_env initialization flag out of aura data
  • move helperfunctions and aura_env support into 1 file
  • replace %DATE% placeholder with the actual date
  • remove WeakAuras.Copy
  • convert is-elseif chain to table access
  • simplify LibButtonGlow integration
  • blame next stack level for bad args to RegisterRegionOptions/Type
  • remove unnecessary computation
  • remove many upvalues
  • split profile support into separate file
  • delete conditions for trigger before changing optiontriggerchoices

Benjamin Staneck (4):

  • print profiling data to frame
  • simply printPrefix
  • make prints prettier
  • add a highlights section to the changelog

Buds (1):

  • Templates Batch creation + make new auras in a group (#680)

Infus (11):

  • Fix imports of pre version 7 auras
  • Check IsSpellKnown for Cooldown Progress (Spell) and Action Usable
  • Fix custom texts showing up on the wrong aura
  • BuffTrigger: Show "Buffed/Debuffed" condition only for ShowOn: Always
  • Fix Overlay Cost of Cast interaction with SetMaxProgress
  • Ensure that Modernize never decreases the internalVersion
  • Fix regression in Conditions
  • Revert back to lazy aura generation
  • Fix TriggerTemplates with triggers from template data
  • Fix running of conditions functions for fallback states in another case
  • Fix regressions in profiling code