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    Aug 26, 2018
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.0.1


2.7.3 (2018-08-26)

Full Changelog

Allen Faure (2):

  • add (external) version to metadata category
  • Ensure that Options Frame exists before commiting to an import job

Benjamin Staneck (10):

  • point out new features
  • make the new category labels full width
  • replace FRIZQT everywhere
  • use the STANDARDTEXTFONT instead of FRIZQT for the new aura frame
  • add a little more spacing to the new category labels
  • change new labels from yellow to WoW gold
  • more wording changes to template descriptions
  • a few wording changes for templates
  • add a few nil checks to icon picker
  • add talent checking to inputs

Buds (4):

  • templates: use a more generic term for glow => highlight (#669)
  • Templates Fixes (#664)
  • Fix templates for all regionTypes (#661)
  • add conditions to templates (#587)

Infus (13):

  • Fix crop for Circular Progress Textures
  • Fix regression in Copy Conditions to All
  • Fix PvP Talent Load condition
  • Add conditions to normal custom and tsu triggers
  • Add a tooltip to the "Set Parent to Anchor" option
  • Apply Smooth Progress also to time based progress
  • Fix Copy Settings not closing the context menu
  • Add a "exact match" for spell ids option to a few triggers
  • Fix whitespace
  • Simplify code
  • Hide Copy Url Box on hiding, so that it is hidden when clicking on items
  • Fix typo in icon
  • Fix focus for "Copy Url"

InfusOnWoW (1):

  • Conditions: Add AND/OR combinations to conditions (#663)