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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.0.1


2.6.6-88-g07df121 (2018-08-11)

Full Changelog

Alex Marcotte (1):

  • Fixing the Luminous Barrier CD template that uses the wrong talent loading condition

Allen Faure (37):

  • Use 'Import as Copy' phrase for identical import
  • reorder update categories
  • UI tweaks for update tooltip
  • Fix nil errors due to AddMany
  • Fix false negative on sortHybridTable change
  • add dynamic group control settings to arrangement category
  • categorize regionType as a display property
  • Pass the region into getrect, to ensure the correct bounding box
  • Save internalVersion when compressing
  • remove tableAdd and DecompressDisplay
  • Back out of DeleteOption if the data has already been deleted.
  • add metadata update category
  • if mode is 1, then we should ignore hybrid sorting on old data
  • Use UpdateGroupOrders instead of iterating twice on installedData
  • only preserve old order when Group arrangement is not checked
  • Don't ignore ID changes in WeakAuras.diff.
  • use the correct translation phrase for diabled import
  • Don't add the newid to sorthybrid table if the oldid wasn't there
  • Fallback to region.height/width if data.height/width don't exist
  • use an if block to special case arrangement instead of and/or chain
  • auras from chat links must be sent through the PreAdd process too
  • Combine child anchor category with child order category
  • fix options frame moversizer and child anchoring on import
  • fix some false positives in WeakAuras.diff
  • hide radio buttons when they're not needed
  • tweaks to DisplayToTableString
  • Fix templates after renaming show on
  • fix migration
  • Fix regression on tableSubtract
  • ensure activeCategories exists
  • index the cache before iterating
  • hello this is the tab police
  • stringify tables into an array of lines, instead of using .. 100x times
  • simplify FindBestMatch
  • customHiden is not a word
  • remove unused default value
  • remove an unnecessary loop

Benjamin Staneck (6):

  • fix a typo
  • increase git clone depth to 150
  • remove old aura name from the single diff tooltip as well
  • adjust readme text
  • tconcat => table.concat
  • showActiveOrMissing => show Always

Buds (5):

  • fix autoHide for custom event w/ custom duration
  • fix rangecheck condition threat nil as false #598
  • aura trigger with fullscan support remainingTime
  • fix nil error with use tooltip size instead of stacks
  • range check condition for spell and item cooldown

Causese (1):

  • Templates: Fixes specified unit for Lingering Sporepods trinket

Infus (32):

  • Fix schedule ConditionsTimers
  • Chat Trigger: Add the CHAT_EMOTE event
  • Fix another bug in the animation function loading
  • Fix regression in Item Cooldown tracking caused by 82208fba
  • BuffTrigger: Reorder some group options
  • Only run scamCheck once over the new data
  • Fix internalVersion handling and fix importing certain group settings
  • Add a dynamic hide duration for event triggers
  • Fix nil error in Animation code
  • Rewrite SetFrameLevel code to be more robust for clones
  • Add a "WarMode Active" load condition
  • Fix a problem in updating group clones
  • Fix logic in recurseDiff for values that are newly false
  • Icon: Workaround the SetTextOnText workaround...
  • Fix error on adding a buff template
  • Add another And Talent selected load condition
  • Fix Conditions remaining time check
  • Condition Options: Remove DELETE condition from combobox
  • Fix importing not positing childs correctly
  • Tweak FrameChooser to choose child auras over groups
  • Fix MoverResizer not getting the right size after import
  • Fix error in CreatePvpTalentCache if the player has no spec
  • Use WeakAuras.data_stub for New From Templates auras
  • Be more consistent about icons in templates
  • Setup various bits, e.g. init scripts before SetRegion
  • Add a "Insufficient Resources" condition
  • BuffTrigger: Only set state if we are showing the state
  • Fix recheck timers for conditions
  • Add the ability to have spell/item tooltips via TSU
  • Icon: Fix several typos for Color setting
  • Fix interaction of new Alpha property and Animations
  • Fix a bug where || would duplicate

Janick Gerstenberger (1):

  • Register "ACTIONBARUPDATECOOLDOWN" in cdReadyFrame to extend coverage

Lothrik (1):

  • Fix text shaking animation bug

asakawa-k (2):

  • Further integration of group role options
  • Add group unit options (#578)

emptyrivers (1):

  • Basic aura update support (#450)

lqnrd (1):

  • add securecall to blocked functions, remove ForceQuit