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  • 7.3.0


Changes since tag 2.4.23

commit 905598cde37c69ef0748863ff03df948d697e0f6
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sat Oct 21 15:54:39 2017 +0200

    WeakAurasMultiLine widget: Remove code slightly moving the ACCEPT text

commit 2edc7737c06ea98d78c3ce0f642fa5c5744eb2f6
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sat Oct 21 15:54:10 2017 +0200

    WeakAurasMultiLine widget: Don't need to set the width all the time

commit 91a8511011c38ed423a34ae382db21f5faa0bcab
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sat Oct 21 15:00:35 2017 +0200

    Options: Set a optionTriggerChoices for all childs too

commit 9264efbde428116157e0ffde126a8ca778fe43b4
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sat Oct 21 14:12:57 2017 +0200

    Code Editor extraFunctions: Use buttonLabel instead of name

    As ther code that merges options for multi-selection treats name
    properties in a special way.

    Reported on discord

commit d79f1d912332a6b939e97c8d792945be20bb22df
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sat Oct 21 13:55:48 2017 +0200

    Observe squelch_actions for Sounds played from Conditions

    Also squelch_actions while a loading screen is enabled

commit 00021899cb6c1fdc1bd31a71694541262d43c5a5
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sat Oct 21 13:35:34 2017 +0200

    Allow "Auto" for all BuffTrigger auras

    We actually have a small database of name/spell id to icon mappings,
    so make use of it.

    Ticket-Nr: 291

commit cedc2360580ff8e2cd172bc97e07c19e205cc9c5
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sat Oct 21 13:17:50 2017 +0200

    Show "Required for activation" also for one trigger

    It's a bit ugly but I've seen it requested a few times.

    Github-Issue: 292

commit c19e1ce59e9e4b8de11f1516a212f41796ea19fc
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sat Oct 21 13:04:50 2017 +0200

    Change default color for Conditions to white

    This is slightly backwards incompatible, since it changes the color
    for people that never adjusted the color at all. That's probably
    not too many.

    Github-Issue: 286

commit 82ce0eeac2608e5853e2505f9107a05d2b3c255f
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Tue Oct 17 23:05:35 2017 +0200

    Tweak hack for text wrapping issues

    Apparently with gigantic font sizes adding 4 pixels is not enough.
    From what I could tell around 20 pixels would be enough. So add
    the maximum of 2.5% and 4 pixels and hope that this whole mess can
    be removed soon.

    Ticket-Nr: 1052

commit 285fba1bbe4a36cd75499291591765f03a90521f
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Mon Oct 16 20:04:55 2017 +0200

    Convert a few more TextEditors to use AddCodeOption

    This is less code, adds a error reporting description and apparently
    the Text one didn't show a Expand button previously.

commit 4bb5d9fa9e8aa4bb1654e0cc03a39250cb42e634
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sun Oct 8 16:00:29 2017 +0200

    Move Expand button to below text editor and make text editor the full

commit 74ec7cf482253b291d8a7ed41cae908f589a3b9c
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sun Oct 1 15:55:25 2017 +0200

    Extract BuffTrigger and GenericTrigger options from WeakAurasOptions

    There's still some code in WeakAurasOptions.lua that is specific to the
    trigger system used. And the code in WeakAurasOptions very much knows
    that there are Buff and Generic triggers.

    But this is a step towards making triggersystems register their
    options and the WeakAurasOptions code not being specific to any
    trigger system.

commit 25d9ddb5a96fedb41ced57ed8ef94687ac3f1767
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sun Oct 1 14:54:52 2017 +0200

    Extract common code for creating texteditors

    There's still plenty of code duplication with start/main/finish and the
    various animations types being very similar. But this significantly
    cuts down on the code duplication.

commit caac6657f766fe7398c0b252353137cf9fa51de7
Author: Infus <infus@squorn.de>
Date:   Sun Oct 1 00:08:55 2017 +0200

    Split up WeakAurasOptions.lua by moving aciton/animation options