This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

TankMastery is a helper add-on for tanks. When used, it can:

  • watch your target, and produce a self/raid/party/channel message if it gets taunted/knocked-back/mocked
  • show you an icon about the targeting review of the moment (if it is targeting a tank, if that tank is targeting it back etc) [v0.70+]
  • can warn you if your taunt failed [v0.90+]

It is mainly created to encourage synergy between the tanks, improve the raid quality, see who is being a "bad boy" and if possible, minimize such encounters. : )

  • Taunt System at the very moment supports single target taunts, AOE taunts, mocks, pet threat spells and knock-backs. You can use it to pinpoint which dps is knocking back the mobs making it harder to tank/build aggro (Thunderstorm, Typhoon).
  • TankWatch-Icon feature helps you to quickly pinpoint which mob is going out of control or which one can be taunted to take the load of other tanks easily/safely (with their current targets in mind).
  • TankMastery HyperSense (TM-HS) is a new experimental feature to provide you more taunt/pull information. Will probably add more features to it in the future.

Sample output:

  • XXX taunted YYY using ZZZZ.
  • XXX mocked YYY using ZZZ.
  • XXX knocked-away YYY using ZZZ.

Few Important Reminders:

  • "Tank X taunted a mob off me and addon didnt track it!"... Please note that by design, addon *only* tracks taunts on your target (any type), NOT other adds on you. We dont wanna be spammy, yet we want to be effective. In future versions I might add setting to enable that as well; let me know if you really need it.
  • "Tank Watch icon is sometimes a little slow to update!"... Do note that addon entirely depends on client reporting changes and new targets; so any lag in connection, or any lag in wow client notifying us will delay the icon as well. TankMastery (as of 0.85) *only checks your and your target's target changes; the effect on performance is expected to be *very negligible.
  • "TM-HS is sometimes/always wrong!"... HyperSense feature is very experimental and hence the results can be sometimes not accurate. We have limited window to WoW's real events and such guesses can be surely prone to errors. Got suggestions for it? Let me know. Hate it? Go to options and turn it off.

(Recent) New Features:

  • Automatically enables/disables based on class/stance.
  • Basic configuration screen (able to choose where to report)
  • [v0.70+] Target review icon
  • [v0.80+] Player/Self failed taunts (resists/immune) are watched as well now.
  • [v0.88+] HyperSense

Future to-do list:

  • Thinking if we should check for failed taunts of other tanks on our targets...
  • different output channels for different tracked events?
  • maybe checking for taunts on other tanks' mobs?
  • improved configuration screen (what to print out, who to check etc)
  • ... even more, who knows. Addon name is very general, why not make use of it :)

Feel free to post your constructive comments/suggestions; and spread around the word. Thanks.


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