Capping at 100% versus a level 88 mob is wrong #46

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  • _ForgeUser4007797 created this issue Nov 2, 2011

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1.Load with /tp calc and just look at the numbers
    2.Against a level 88 mob it caps the attack table at 100%

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
    As well documented elsewhere (a good explanation is available here:, a level 88 mob has an increased chance of hitting you. Per level, it works out to 0.2 extra chance to crit (removed via tank talents), and a 0.2 reduction to your chance to be missed, to dodge, to parry or to block. Therefore at level 88 a tank needs to take into account 0.6 miss/dodge/parry/block for a 102.4% total rather than the 100% total that Tankpoints is forcing as a cap.

    I was wondering if Tankpoints was converting the % value of m/d/p/b to take into account the bosses level, but if so it'd change each number if you increased or decreased the boss's level. I'd find this confusing personally, but it would still be accurate. This appears not to be the case because altering the boss's level has no affect on m/d/p/b numbers.

    Therefore Tankpoints results are just plain wrong because it's artificially forcing a cap at the wrong percentage. It'd be flawed but usable if the percentage was too high, but because the percentage is too low it makes the addon totally invalid. This is a real shame because in every other way this is an exceptional and extremely useful addon which should be seeing a new lease on life with the renewed importance of 102.4% CTC =(

    What version of the product are you using?

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    <p>Fan Update with boss level fix</p>

  • _ForgeUser4007797 posted a comment Nov 5, 2011


    I talked to a guildmate (Ruthenia @ Blackhand-US) and he volunteered to have a look over Tankpoints. He's made an updated version which properly adjusts the miss/dodge/parry/block %'s (and crushing blows) when the boss level is adjusted. When dealing with a level 88 mob it caps at 102.4%, or at 87 at 101.6% et cetera.

    After attaining his permission I've attached his updated version to this post, he had no issues with my distributing it but did ask to be credited appropriately.

  • _ForgeUser581183 posted a comment Dec 6, 2011

    Updated to handle the extra 0.2% chance/level adjustments to miss, dodge, parry, and block. Also updated TOC to match 4.3.

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