4.2: Remove dodge from agility #44

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  • _ForgeUser581183 created this issue Jun 21, 2011

    Note for me,

    Patch notes today say that 4.2 will remove dodge through agility:

    Death knights, paladins, and warriors no longer receive any bonus to their chance to dodge from Agility. Their base chance to dodge is now a fixed 5%.

    todo: fix this

  • _ForgeUser581183 added the tags New Defect Jun 21, 2011
  • _ForgeUser581183 posted a comment Aug 18, 2011

    20110818 - Fixed.

    Actually LibStatLogic fixed it (Thanks Whitefang).

    And i noticed that 1 agility no longer gives 2 armor; so i removed that hard-coded stat logic from the paperdoll tooltip.

    Unless i'm wrong about agility not giving any armor; but i put on a +15 agility gem and got no armor increase. And LibStatLogic has no mention anywhere about armor from agility.

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