Cataclysmic failure in 4.0.1 #30

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Assigned to whitetooth3
  • _ForgeUser337980 created this issue Oct 16, 2010

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. Upgrade WoW Client
    2. Launch game
    3. Hover over an equipment item

    Mildly facetious, but actually tongue in cheek. Are you planning an update to this fantastic addon, Whitetooth?

    I appreciate that RatingBuster is taking priority, and fully support that, just curious to know if you plan to update this addon too.

    Thanks for both of these!

  • _ForgeUser337980 added the tags New Defect Oct 16, 2010
  • _ForgeUser581183 posted a comment Mar 5, 2011

    Addon has been updated for Cataclysm. Whitetooth's not around - but it's being getting love.

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