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Supported WoW Versions

  • 3.1.0


- toc update
- Packaged with new libraries with 3.1.3 class support
- NEW: Avoidance diminishing returns calculations in Melee DR tooltip will show you how much avoidance you gain for +16 of each stat.
- Diminishing returns for chance to be missed now supported.
- Paladin: Combat table will now reflect the effects of Holy Shield if you set it at 100% uptime. To set 100% Holy Shield uptime, use a sqfreq lower then or equal to 2 secs, ex: /tp player sbfreq 2
- Fixed Block Value formula
- Can set shield block frequency from 0 secs to 1000 secs, set it to 1000 if you don't want TankPoints to calculate the shield block effect
- Defense isn't affected by DR (Defense Rating is)
- Fixed StatFrame data not updated correctly during stance/presence/form/aura change
- Uses LibStatLogic-1.1 and LibTipHooker-1.1 now
- Made the Calculator movable by dragging the sides
- Support for enchant statmods:
- Enchant: Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle: +2% Stamina
- Enchant: Rune of Spellshattering: Deflects 4% of all spell damage
- Enchant: Rune of Spellbreaking: Deflects 2% of all spell damage
- Support for meta gem statmods:
- Austere Earthsiege Diamond: 2% Increased Armor Value from Items
- MetaGem: Eternal Earthsiege Diamond:+5% Shield Block Value
- MetaGem: Eternal Earthstorm Diamond: +5% Shield Block Value
- MetaGem: Effulgent Skyflare Diamond: Reduce Spell Damage Taken by 2%
- Fixed Warrior talent detection: Vitality, Strength of Arms, Improved Defensive Stance
- Death Knight: Added Stance: Frost Presence detection fixed
- Death Knight: Added Buff: Bone Shield: Damage reduced by 40%.
- 3.0.8: Death Knight: Updated Stance: Frost Presence: The bonus armor has been increased from 60 to 80% and magic damage reduction increased from 5 to 15%.
- 3.0.8: Death Knight: Updated Buff: Bone Shield: Damage reduced by 20%.
- 3.0.8: Death Knight: Updated Buff: Will of the Necropolis: Reduce the damage of any attack that takes the DK below 35% health by 5%/10%/15% instead of boosting armor when wounded.
- 3.0.8: Druid: Updated Talent: Survival of the Fittest: This talent now grants 22/44/66% bonus armor in Bear Form and Dire Bear Form in addition to all of its previous effects.
- 3.0.8: Shaman: Updated Talent: Elemental Warding: Now reduces all damage taken by 2/4/6%.
- Removed Endurance (Tauren racial)
- Support for Warrior talent: Critical Block
- Fixed Shield Block and Holy Shield calculations
- Default mob damage at level 83 is now 24365 instead of 10505
- Fixed a bug causing "ADD_CRIT_TAKEN" from talents to be capped at MobCritChance
- Paladin: Added Talent: Redoubt - Increases your block value by 10%/20%/30%
- Death Knight BaseDodge changed from 0.758% to 3.4636%.
- Avoidance diminishing returns support: Calculator, ItemTooltip, TankPoints Per Stat, TankPoints Per StatValue
- Supports Death Knight: Forceful Deflection - Increases your Parry Rating by 25% of your total Strength
- Added Str to TankPoints Per Stat, TankPoints Per StatValue
- Fixed EffectiveHealth, EffectiveHealthWithBlock
- Fixed Warrior Shield Block calculations
- Support for Paladin Holy Shield
- Crushing blows only happen when mob is +4 levels
- 1 Strength now gives 0.5 Block Value
- Removed Babble-Spell-2.2, Deformat-2.0, Gratuity-2.0
- Fixed immediate errors in 3.0.2
- Calculator: Fixed error
- Code cleanup and stability tweaks
- toc 30000
2.7.0 by Aliset
- NEW: You can specify pre-mitigation mob damage using /tp mob drdamage
- NEW: Ciderhelm's EffectiveHealth and a derived stat, EffectiveHealthWithBlock
- Moved to StatFrameLib-1.0 for paperdoll stat frames
- Alt events didn't seem to be working, so moved to clicks for per-stat/per-rating change
- Consolidated some aspects of TankPoints calculation
- Pretty print many of the large numbers shown (so 789956 shows up as 789,956)
- NEW: You can now open the options window using /tp optionswin
- Fixed: Error in TankPoints.lua:1286 and TankPoints.lua:947
- Updated Korean localizations by fenlis
- Updated Taiwan localization by Whitetooth
- Improved stat scanning
- Updated German localization
- Updated French localization by Tixu, TankPoints Tooltips now works with the French client
- Fixed a bug causing TankPoints tooltips not showing correctly for languages other then English
- Fixed Parry/SpellHaste rating calculations
- Updated libs
- Pre updated the TOC to 2.1.0
- Support for Shield Block skill, with options to set mobs attack speed(default 2.0) and average time between Shield Block key presses(default 8 sec)
- Fixed error when changing options with the Calculator open
- Calculator: Fixed MobLevel calculations
- Better Talant and Buff support
- Improved Block Value calculation
- Code for smooth transition to 2.1.0
- Updated Libs
- Fixed incorrect tooltip values
- Fixed calculater rounding errors
- Fixed library error
- Added StatLogic deDE localizations by Gailly
- Fixed incorrect armor calculations in tooltips for Druilds
- Added Taiwan localizations by CuteMiyu
- Updated Korean localization by fenlis
- Fixed another StatLogic bug
- Fixed StatLogic bug
- Druid Bear Form formulas updated to 2.0.10 fixes
- Updated French localizations by Tixu
- Added Korean localization by fenlis
- Item tooltips will now show TankPoints (only works for English client until localized)
- Removed Compost
- Removed ReverseRating.lua
- Code cleanup and optimizations
- Fixed Calculator Block Value from Strength calculations
- May now input Armor from items and Armor from non items in the Calculator
- Really fixed Night Elf and Feral Swiftness dodge calculations
- Improved accuracy of calculator stat calculations
- Improved calculator support for Druid Forms
- Calculator support for Druid talant - Heart of the Wild, Balance of Power,
- Calculator support for Rogue talant - Cloak of Shadows
- Calculator support for Paladin talant - Toughness
- Calculator support for Hunter talant - Survivalist, Endurance Training
- Calculator support for Warlock talant - Fel Stamina
- Calculator support for health mods
- Support for Death Wish, Recklessness
- Fixed Druid, Hunter and Night Elf dodge calculation bug
- Fixed Druid talant - Survival of the Fittest not being counted bug
- Fixed Paladin talant - Ardent Defender being always on bug
- Fixed Druid Dire Bear Form armor calculations
- Added support for new pally talants: Spell Warding, Improved Righteous Fury
- Updated Libs
- TOC 20003
- Updated Libs
- Greatly improved the Calculator algorithms
- Calculator: better support for talants that give bonus strength, agility, stamina, armor
- Calculator: better handling for Defense Rating
- Improved TP per StatValue/Stat calculations in TankPoints tooltips
- Fixed low level resistance calculations
- Fixed Druid Bear Form armor bonus
- Plays nice with other mods that may add to the character dropdown list
- Fixed Tauren health error
- Added German localization by AbbedieD
- Improved support for Druid armor bonuses in various forms
- Removed (%) from Defense in Caculator
- Partially updated French localizations
- Updated libs
- The improved TankPoints Calculator is now in
- Changed Soul Link formula 30% -> 20%
- Fixed TP per defense rating in tooltip again
- Updated French localizations by Tixu
- Support for various class specific talants and buffs
- Fixed TP per defense rating in tooltip
- PlayerHasShield() localized
- GetBlockValue() localized
- Fixed a couple slash command's option range
- Partial French localizations by Tixu
- Fixed ReverseRating error
- Updated Libs
- Fixed a display bug in TankPoints tooltips
- Fixed Block Value algorithm not working with some shields
- Set Block% to zero if you don't have a shield on
- Complete rewrite for the 2.0 client using Ace2

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