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    Nov 29, 2012
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  • 5.1.0


    - TOC bump to 50100
    - Touch without change, trying to kick the packager into action.
    - Ticket #39 - Trying to fix the deformat code for the ERR_SKILL_UP_SI string so it works with the German client.
    - Add an option to filter out the Pandirian cooking that can only be learned if you have access to Chin in Dawn's Blossom or Sungshin Ironpaw in Hslfhill. The option is ignored if the toon is higher then level 85.
    - Taking care of an extra edge case for the ConvertData issue.
    - Fix CovertData issue reported by thomasd (thanks for the report)
    - The Fishing skills have change ID (or I was on drugs before). Conversion code to erase the Fishing skills with the wrong ID in the user SaveVariables file. Remove pre-Mists data conversion code.
    - Bug fix.
    - Hack for the Cooking Specialty professions (Way of the ...).
    - Bad spell_id for Zen Master Fishing.
    - Remove debugging trace
    - Bug fix: spells listed in the spellbook were marked as known even if they were not known yet.
    - Fix for ticket 37 - Powerheal 4000 Lens is a priest item
    - Fix spellbook scanning. Fix fishing detection. The database should clear now when Syllabus detects version 5.0.4.
    - TOC Bump to 50001. Detect patch 5.0.4 for database reset. Detect Mists of Pandaria for the new profession levels.
    - Build 16004 has GetSpellBookItemInfo() throw an error when the id is to big instead of returning nil as it used to. A workaround was needed. Also added new implied skills for Mists. Should still work with live.
    - Justicebringer 2000 Specs are only available for Paladin
    - CleanCummonClassSpells() transfer from the inactive Database.lua to Syllabus.lua Monks wear Leather.

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