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tag v1.5.37
Scott Sibley <sisibley@gmail.com>
2011-08-06 22:35:51 -0500

Tagging for release.


Scott Sibley:
    - Remove spam. >.<
    - Bug fix.
    - Bug fix? o.O
    - Typo fix.
    - Offer an option to turn animations off all together.
    - Don't load LibCore here
    - Reset 'v' every frame. Otherwise the animation keeps growing forever.
    - * Align animations more with AVS design in that you provide an intialization script that's executed when the module's enabled, a script per frame that's executed when GameToolip_DefaultAnchor is called, and a script per point executed when positioning the tooltip. Point is where you assign to 'x' and 'y'. * Access the value 'v' for a number that increments slowly, with a small dash of randomness. It's meant to mimic wave data. There's likely a better way of doing this.
    - Add a Raid Group line for showing the unit's current party in a raid.
    - Typo
    - Initial commit introducing animations to the Position module.
    - Add Borders module to move-folders
    - Background module enhancements.
    - Same as previous commit. Files didn't get included. >.<
    - Dry code Background module. Following Cowtip design, you can programatically configure the background color using a number of scripts, i.e. guild, hostilePC, etc.. Same configurations in Cowtip, except scriptable. Default colors are provided by the Appearance module as usual. The provided scripts are pretty self explanatory. They just reference the Appearance module's background color selections by default.
    - Change default clamp script a bit. Cleanup Appearance.lua a bit.
    - Sort of dry commit of Clamp. I just made sure it didn't cause any errors.
    - Plug in the Clamp module.
    - Change the colors up so there's not too much going on in welcome message.
    - Some final touches to new Position module options.
    - More dry coding. You can provide 4 scripts (world units, frames, inCombat, and other). You can specify anchor points and relative frame. environment.anchor environment.anchorRelative and environment.relativeFrame
    - Drycoded Clamp module to set clamping and paddings based on user scripts.
    - Rename Clamp.
    - Add Clamp module placeholders.
    - Color "Welcome to" as well.
    - Change the Note a bit to add more color.
    - * More work on gestures module. There's a basic example called Draw that you can use to draw on ChatFrame1 with. Bugs exist and it's not right. ;) * Gave StarTip a better welcome message and Note in the toc file. Added some color.
    - More work on gestures.
    - More work on gestures. Add a new sub-addon named StarTip_Environment, which just provides _G["StarTip_Environment"] with a table.
    - Gestures now have a minimum gestures configuration. There's a new gesture called Draw. It just serves as an example of how to format gesture functions. Note that stopFunc is handled by WidgetGestures by default, and is what handles configured gesture motions.
    - Spam and bug gone.
    - Change up some defaults.
    - The gestures module got some love. It's more dynamic now. Capture configs update every stopFunc now. You can use self:NewCapture() to update the widget's capture object to import changes you've made to the widget.
    - * Provide a way to backup the database. Needs work. * Finished up the key stroke feature. You provide two scripts: a test case to determine if the widget's main expression will execute or not.
    - Show dead/ghost time on Name line.
    - In  Position module use LibTimer instead of OnUpdate.
    - Disable intersect checking in Bar and Histogram modules since it's very likely broken atm.
    - Remove debug code, and make intersectRate equal zero by default. This disables intersect checking. There's a bug where the tooltip will expand in width. I need to sleep though.
    - * Provide widget options for tooltipMain. They're under "Settings."
    - Make default intersectRate 1 second.
    - TooltipMain and ChatFrame1 are tied together in terms of intersect checks. LibWidget will watch whenever StarTipTooltipMain and ChatFrame1 intersect. What happens is the StarTipTooltipMain is hidden with alpha=0. It's a round about way of fixing the issue while mousing over the ChatFrame1 and there happens to be a unit right behind it. Before the tooltip hid all the text on ChatFrame1, and I guess the only way to get rid of it was to use an inverted modifier key and physically hide the tooltip that way. Note the default rate should be pretty slow. The current 500ms is way too fast for something rarely checked. Maybe once a second. There's also the possibility of creating a MouseGesture using ChatFrame1 as, and configure it so when you simply click on ChatFrame1 then StarTipTooltipMain hides. hmm
    - Rename StarTipQTipMain as StarTipTooltipMain to reflect StarTip.tooltipMain
    - * Stop embedding LibTransition-1.0 since I'm not willing to fix its bugs. No time. * Modified local copy of libqtip so I have a global frame I can reference. _G["StarTipTooltipMain"].. I didn't realize I already did _G["StarTipTooltipMain"] = tooltip ;).. At any rate, the local copy will recycle tooltip frames if for some reason you drop and reaquire a tooltip with the same key. * Histograms are broken. * There's a new option "unitOverride" -- use this to force a particular unit, as opposed to what GameTooltip:GetUnit() returns. * Made some changes to Target line to make better use of unitOverride. It's not finished. * By the way, this commit is broken. :)
    - Make tooltipMain a widget itself so we can use LibWidget's builtin checks for intersecting frames.
    - Bug fixes. This may fix the bug in the Threat line. And also it fixes where "<YOU>" was shown for all player types.
    - Modified the Target line to act as an example for LibDogTags support.
    - * Keep a collection of widgets at LibCore's level. * Further work done to IntersectUpdate code. It's still unfinished. * Script environments will be given a `unit` as always. You can now specify 'unitOverride' to force a specific unit, which will reflect within the runnable and within dog tags.

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