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    Aug 4, 2011
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tag v1.5.30b
Scott Sibley <sisibley@gmail.com>
2011-08-04 03:44:38 -0500

Tagging for testing.


Scott Sibley:
    - Sort of dry commit of Clamp. I just made sure it didn't cause any errors.
    - Plug in the Clamp module.
    - Change the colors up so there's not too much going on in welcome message.
    - Some final touches to new Position module options.
    - More dry coding. You can provide 4 scripts (world units, frames, inCombat, and other). You can specify anchor points and relative frame. environment.anchor environment.anchorRelative and environment.relativeFrame
    - Drycoded Clamp module to set clamping and paddings based on user scripts.
    - Rename Clamp.
    - Add Clamp module placeholders.
    - Color "Welcome to" as well.
    - Change the Note a bit to add more color.
    - * More work on gestures module. There's a basic example called Draw that you can use to draw on ChatFrame1 with. Bugs exist and it's not right. ;) * Gave StarTip a better welcome message and Note in the toc file. Added some color.
    - More work on gestures.
    - More work on gestures. Add a new sub-addon named StarTip_Environment, which just provides _G["StarTip_Environment"] with a table.
    - Gestures now have a minimum gestures configuration. There's a new gesture called Draw. It just serves as an example of how to format gesture functions. Note that stopFunc is handled by WidgetGestures by default, and is what handles configured gesture motions.

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