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tag beta2
James D. Callahan III <>
2010-01-25 23:42:22 -0500

Tagging as beta2


James D. Callahan III:
    - Added "addons" and "sorted_addons" tables for future use. Added some comments.
    - In Spamalyzer:OnMessageUpdate() - nil out message_updater so this function will be called again.
    - GetPlayerClass() no longer polls the user's guild for names/classes - instead, that information is looked up in the guild_members table, which is populated in Spamalyzer:OnEnable() and also after GUILD_ROSTER_UPDATE fires.
    - New function - Spamalyzer:OnMessageUpdate(): Updates the LDB feed and the tooltip (if exists and is visible). Fires 0.5 seconds after a call to StoreMessage(), if not already scheduled.
    - Renamed "sorted_data" to "sorted_players".
    - Yanked the homebrew OnUpdate timer in favor of AceTimer-3.0 since this bastard grew up to require a more proper scheduler. Re-organized some code in the process of the re-write.
    - Tweaked tooltip throttle.
    - Added 0.25 second throttle to tooltip refreshes in order to stop massive CPU churn when in large raids or AV.
    - The sorted_data table now uses player names rather than a player's table, and is now automatically sorted whenever the tooltip is drawn.
    - Made the data-wiping functionality be more thorough about its cleanup.
    - UpdateDataFeed() no longer takes a parameter.
    - Re-wrote the sort functions to check for ascending/descending - clicking a column in the tooltip now toggles between the two.
    - In StoreMessage(): Clean up the player sources definition and related code.
    - Strip the realms from cross-realm folks before stuffing them into the players table - Name-Realm will still show in the tooltip.
    - Pre-define values as 0 for the activity table in order to simplify its handler code.
    - - Fixed Typo in dG Killshot Notifier
    - Added Ovale
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added new localizations and removed those which are un-used.
    - Re-worked coloring for ChatFrame output - if the prefix is unknown, display "Unknown" in red, else display the AddOn name in green.
    - In StoreMessage(): If we're not tracking a certain type of AddOn message, don't collect data for it.
    - Some optimization.
    - Added tooltip scrolling and also an option to show detailed traffic statistics in the tooltip - defaults to off.
    - Show the time elapsed in the tooltip even when we have no data.
    - Changed configuration formatting and removed Datafeed tab and sorting/display type since these can be done from the tooltip/LDB icon.
    - Added options to filter out known/unknown AddOns when sending output to a ChatFrame.
    - Moved some variables to more apt locations and added some comments.
    - Removed some un-used color constants.

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