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  • 3.3.0


James D. Callahan III:
    - In DrawTooltip(): Added the ability to select sort type by clicking on the appropriate column header in the tooltip.
    - In DrawTooltip(): Handle clicks on the player name line, instead of on the plus/minus icon.
    - No longer sort sorted_data when receiving a message - instead, mark "new_activity" as true and handle sorting when applicable in DrawTooltip().
    - Added coloring of player names by class.
    - Added tooltip hint for unmodified left-click on the data_obj.
    - Modified left-click on data_obj so an unmodified left-click cycles through the display types. A shift-click now wipes the activity table and resets the epoch.
    - Added UpdateDataFeed().
    - Added activity table, and assign values to it in StoreMessage().
    - Added DISPLAY_VALUES table for datafeed/config interoperation.
    - Renamed DISPLAY_VALUES to DISPLAY_NAMES and added new names.
    - Changed localization strings "Bytes In" to "Input" and "Bytes Out" to "Output".
    - Fixed race condition with the tooltip timer by caching the previous value between updates.
    - Fixed the broken data-clear feature.
    - Added ability to clear data from the LDB icon - currently broken.
    - When changing the sorting type from the config menu, the list will be automatically sorted.
    - Fixed an issue where having a prefix be the same as the AddOn's name would display the AddOn as unknown.
    - Per yoshimo's request, made the tooltip more resemble that of ASFu, and added the tooltip hint (with the check on whether or not to display it)
    - Changed the localization string for the options menu tooltip hint.
    - Re-wrote TimeStr() and tweaked CPU-usage when updating the tooltip to an acceptable level.
    - Tweaked the updater to use no CPU while there is no tooltip, and to use less while there is.
    - Upvalued some globals.
    - Removed AddonLoader support - we want to capture AddOn messages as soon as possible.
    - StoreMessage() will now re-draw the tooltip if it exists and is visible.
    - The LDB icon now has a tooltip. Needs some tweaking but it mostly works as intended.
    - Added the LDB data object's OnEnter/OnLeave/OnClick.
    - In StoreMessage(): Fixed detection of known prefixes.
    - Moved some variables around.
    - Removed some un-used debug prints.
    - Removed localization entry for "Name", since Blizzard provides NAME.
    - In StoreMessage(): Added logic for storing and sorting players and their AddOn message sources.
    - In StoreMessage(): Renamed the "name" variable to "addon_name" for clarity - fixed its usage in the ChatFrameX output.
    - Added players, sorted_data, and SORT_FUNCS tables.
    - Moved some variables from the AddOn namespace section to the Variables section.
    - Upvalued _G.table
    - Pull ChatFrame1-7 from the local _G
    - Changed event registry for CHAT_MSG_ADDON - call StoreMessage() directly from there using the correct parameters.
    - Removed TRACKING_CHECKS - found a cleaner way to do what I wanted.
    - Added code for StoreMessage() - at present all it does is look for the prefix in the database and add it if not found, and if output_frame is non-nil sends the information to the designated frame colored by whether or not tooltip-tracking is enabled for the message type. Fixed variable names in Spamalyzer:SendAddonMessage()
    - Added output_frame for displaying AddOn message information. Uses CHAT_FRAME_MAP for assignment.
    - Hooked SendAddonMessage() - calls StoreMessage() if the type is "WHISPER".
    - Re-named Spamalyzer:AddMessage() to StoreMessage().
    - Removed some unneeded code.
    - Utilized the AddOn-wide namespace to pull in the KNOWN_PREFIXES from Prefixes.lua and embedded AceHook-3.0
    - New file: Prefixes.lua - contains all of the known AddonMessage prefixes from FuBar_AddonSpamFu.
    - Added AceHook-3.0 to .pkgmeta and embeds.xml
    - Added plus/minus icons for the tooltip.
    - Populated embeds.xml so the packaged AddOn will load properly.
    - Updated DISPLAY_VALUES with new strings.
    - Added four more localization strings.
    - Added SORT_VALUES and DISPLAY_VALUES. DISPLAY_VALUES will be used for the LDB text.
    - Added config toggles for message-type tracking.
    - Added two new localization strings.
    - Mostly the skeleton of an AddOn, though configuration and localization layout is mostly complete and working.

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