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  • %p doesn't think %t is immortal, but after this res cast, it is close enough.
  • %p doesn't want the Lich King to get another soldier, so is bringing %t back to life.
  • %p grabs a stick. A-ha! %t was only temporarily dead.
  • %p has to wake %t from eternal slumber.
  • %p is bringing %t back to life!
  • %p is ending %t's dirt nap.
  • %p is ressing %t
  • %p knew %t couldn't stay out of the fire. *Sigh*
  • %p knows %t is faking. It was only a flesh wound!
  • %p knows that %t dying was just an excuse to see another silly random res message.
  • %p performs a series of lewd acts on %t's still warm corpse. Ew.
  • %p prays over the corpse of %t, and a miracle happens!
  • %p refuses to accept blame for %t's death, but kindly undoes the damage.
  • %p thinks %t should work on their Dodge skill.
  • %p wonders about these stupid res messages. %t should just be happy to be alive.
  • %s already has a resurrection pending; they have not accepted yet.
  • %s has cancelled their cast on %s.
  • %s has cancelled their mass resurrection.
  • %s has finished their mass resurection cast.
  • %s has finished their resurrection cast on %s.
  • %s is already being resurrected by %s.
  • %s is resurrecting %s.
  • %s is resurrecting everybody.
  • Add a message to the table. You may optionally specify %p for your name.
  • Add a random message to the table. Use %p (optional) for yourself, and %t (mandatory) for your target.
  • Add Random Message
  • All your mass resurrections are belong to me!
  • And you thought the Scourge looked bad. In about 10 seconds, %p knows %t will want a comb, some soap, and a mirror.
  • Another caster (not you) cancelled their resurrection.
  • Another caster (not you) completed casting their spell.
  • Another caster (not you) started a resurrection.
  • Caster Cancelled Resurrection
  • Caster Finished Cast
  • Caster Started
  • Collision Casts
  • Enter a static message for mass resurrections. This will print instead of random messages.
  • Enter a static message for resurrections. This will print instead of random messages. Use %p (optional) for yourself, and %t (mandatory) for your target.
  • Filthy peon! %p has to resurrect %t!
  • FOR THE HORDE! FOR THE ALLIANCE! %p thinks %t should be more concerned about yelling FOR THE LICH KING! and prevents that from happening.
  • Free mass resurrections for all of you!
  • I am casting Mass Resurrection.
  • I am in your graves, casting Mass Resurrection.
  • In a world of resurrection spells, why are NPC deaths permanent? It doesn't matter, since %p is making sure %t's death isn't permanent.
  • Just to be silly, %p tickles %t until they get back up.
  • Lets you know the victim did not accept their resurrection and can be resurrected again.
  • Mass resurrection chat messages.
  • Mass resurrection for you! And you! And you! For everybody!
  • Mass Resurrections
  • Messages about single target casts you send to chat.
  • My Resurrections
  • No fallen heroes! %p needs %t to march forward to victory!
  • Notes
  • Notify a caster their spell is a duplicate.
  • Oh. My. God. %p has to breathe life back into %t AGAIN?!?
  • Once again, %p pulls %t and their bacon out of the fire.
  • Random Messages
  • Select the messages you want to use.
  • Self Notification
  • Settings that don't fit into other tabs.
  • Single Target Messages
  • Sleeping on the job? %p is disappointed in %t.
  • SmartRes2 would like you to know that %s is already resurrecting everybody.
  • Somewhere, the Lich King is laughing at %p, because he knows %t will just die again eventually. More meat for the grinder!!
  • Static Message
  • Tells you whom you are resurrecting, or casting a mass resurrection, or raising the Creator from the dead.
  • The random message %s is missing target %t, skipping backup from old saved variables.
  • Think that was bad? %p proudly shows %t the scar tissue caused by Hogger.
  • This tab controls messages only you can see.
  • Victim Resurrected Expiration
  • Where to print your resurrection message. Group is smart, and will send to the appropriate channel.
  • You are all getting mass resurrected. However, I do not guarantee all your parts are intact.
  • You are resurrecting %s
  • You are resurrecting the Creator!!
  • You cannot specify a target (%t) for mass resurrections.
  • You need a target. Use %t somewhere in your phrase.
  • Your mass resurrection spell will not finish first. %s has that honour; you should cancel your cast.
  • Your resurrection of %s is not the first that will finish. %s has that honour; you should cancel your cast.

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