"protected" CastSpellByName() function #591

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  • ciranidd created this issue Feb 6, 2020

    WoW 8.3, Skillet (any 4.11+)

    The function is a protected function, but for crafting windows, pets and mounts it is supposed to be unprotected.


    For whatever reason the first time you load in a character those are still being registered as protected.


    **Players** If you log out of that character and immediately log back in (do NOT close WoW.exe), the error does not occur, even if you do this before opening any tradeskill windows.


    +Note that even making an in-game /script macro gets blocked as well (also supposed to be allowed; "resolved" the same way)


    -- Might be best to have this opened until we get work from blizz on whether the BlizzardUI change was deliberate or not --

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  • bsmorgan posted a comment Feb 6, 2020

    Thank you for opening this issue and providing the workaround.

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