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    Jun 25, 2014
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Supported Game Versions

  • 5.4.8


David Lynch:
    - Make work with filter bar, already. No feature-lag here, no sir.
    - TOC bump
    - Bump TOC
    - TOC bump
    - X-Compatible-With
    - 30300
    - Bump TOC
    - Messed up LibPT embed
    - Cause to work properly in wotlk again. Also strip out the barely-used Ace2.
    - Hopefully fix .pkgmeta
    - Facilitate WowAce-on-CurseForge transition
    - Importing old repo data under /trunk
David Lynch:
    - SimpleTradeskill: Forgot the optdep.
    - SimpleTradeskill: PeriodicTable -> 3.1.
    - SimpleTradeskill: 20200 is dead! Long live 20300!
    - SimpleTradeskill: -Collapse vendor/bank amounts down if they're the same.  (Vendor is an expansion of base, bank is an expansion of vendor.) -Probably fix errors when installed with Enchantrix.
    - SimpleTradeskill: I hate having to check whether everything is nil.  It's such a pain.
    - SimpleTradeskill: Fix malformed path for PT3 embed.
    - SimpleTradeskill: Change to previous fix.
    - SimpleTradeskill: Quick bugfix -- make sure GetReagentItemLink actually returned a link.
    - SimpleTradeskill: Add externals and missed embed.
    - SimpleTradeskill: -Initial import. -Shows how many of a recipe you can make if you visit a vendor and visit your bank.

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