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SimpleUnitFrames is an extension to the default WoW Unit Frames. Rather than a complete unitframe replacement, this addon adds further information and features to the existing frames and allows a greater degree of customization to enhance their usability.

The v2.x.x series of SimpleUnitFrames involved a complete re-write of the code, however credits go to Rophy and xan for their original work on the v1.x.x series.

All configuration for SimpleUnitFrames can be performed through the Interface Options panel which can be opened through the slash commands /simpleunitframes or /suf, or through ESC -> Interface -> AddOns Tab -> SimpleUnitFrames.

HP, Mana, Energy, Rage & Runic Power Display

The default unitframes only allow either [total]/[max] or [percent] values to be shown on HP and mana bars, however SimpleUnitFrames provides several default overlay options or a method to create your very own styles using LibDogTag-3.0 syntax (also available through the in-game /dog command).


SimpleUnitFrames comprises the following modules which enhance each frame:

  • Class Icon Display
  • Text Overlays
  • Custom Text Overlay Styles
  • Portrait Damage Display
  • Bar Textures

Supported Frames

SimpleUnitFrames supports the following frames, each with their own customizations available:

  • Player
  • Pet
  • Target
  • TargetOfTarget
  • Party
  • PartyPet
  • Focus
  • FocusTarget
  • Boss


For translators wishing to create/update translations for other languages than enUS, please do so though the Localization Page.

Bugs & Development

While the best effort is made to ensure that release quality zips do not have any bugs, inevitably errors slip through. If you encounter a bug, please ensure that it has not already been fixed in a more recent beta/alpha release or reported already on the ticket tracker. If the bug persists even in the latest development build and has not been reported, please post a ticket on the Project Tickets Page

Please report bugs and suggest features via the Ticket page rather than using the comments section as it provides a single point of reference to track the development of the addon.

Development builds of SimpleUnitFrames can always be found on the Project Files Page.


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