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  • Assistance to the dance during Dread Spray
  • Change the display pattern utilized by Sha of Fear Assist.
  • Change the style of the Sha of Fear Assist display
  • Close
  • Closes the Sha Assist display.
  • Color my pie
  • Color the pie you are currently in differently
  • Colors
  • Current pie color
  • defaultPattern
  • Display style
  • fixed
  • Fourth next sprayed area color
  • Full color
  • General
  • minimalMovement
  • My blip scale
  • Next sprayed area color
  • Pattern
  • Reset display
  • Reset the scale and position of the display
  • Second next sprayed area color
  • Set the scale of the arrow indicating your own position on the display
  • spinning
  • Sprayed area color
  • Suggested safe area color
  • Test
  • The color of the pie you are currently inside
  • Third next sprayed area color
  • Toggle if every pie should get colored, or just the very relevant ones
  • Toggle lock
  • Toggle whether or not the Sha Assist window should be locked or not.

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