Unit frames position reset after /reload #1879

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  • ovruch109 created this issue Nov 25, 2022



    I have an issue with SUF keeping positions after /reload. I unlinked all frames, moved player, target, focus, targetarget frames around and positioned the frames on the screen to my liking. And after /reload the frames' position shifts however, when I check position settings the settings values are ok. This bug is very annoying and forces me to fix positions after each login in the game, or after each reload.

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  • ovruch109 posted a comment Nov 25, 2022

    I forgot to mention that I changed UI zoom to 53% in WoW config file.

  • SamsClan posted a comment Dec 8, 2022

    Issue: I setup my SUF frames and their position to my liking. I save the profile. Whenever I log off or reloadui the frames move to an overlapping position.




    Once this occurs, if I go into the profile, switch to Default, then switch back to my normal profile it shows the frames in the correct location. 




    Edited Dec 8, 2022

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